Boyfriend by The Goon Sax | Track Review

WHEN: Album – Up To AnythingThe Goon Sax - Up To Anything
WHERE: Chapter Music

The Goon Sax is a three piece from Brisbane and soon they will be releasing their debut album Up To Anything next month. These guys formed in high school back in 2013 and are only 17-18 years of age which makes me four years older than them and rather jealous of their ability to create simple little pop tunes. Boyfriend is the latest track to be released in anticipation for the album and well, it’s simple, it’s upbeat, it’s pretty good.

With a melody that immediately sticks into your head played inbetween lyrics that describe the joy of having a boyfriend in the sweetest of ways it’s pretty hard not to enjoy this track. The slightly casual boy/girl delivery of the vocals adds a real lax atmosphere to the instrumental, which itself uses a simple formula to deliver a very enjoyable sound that is easy to hear and enjoy.

If Boyfriend is anything to go then The Goon Sax is certainly a band to keep an eye on this year. Hopefully if the record Up To Anything keeps to this kind of laid back, poppy sound then we should be in for a treat. What did you think of this record? Do you agree or disagree with today’s review? Let me know your thoughts and opinions by leaving a comment below and I’ll greatly appreciate it!

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