1749 by Lemaitre | EP Review

WHEN: 29.01.2016
WHERE: Astralwerks/Virgin EMI

EPs have been a little disappointing so far this year. Last year I definitely took to the Extended Plays to search for some excellent upcoming artists, but this year there’s only been a handful of EPs I’ve experienced that have been “pretty good” at best. It’s a shame. But this is where I put forward a question to YOU, the reader, my dear audience. Have you heard any EPs that are worth raving about from 2016? Let me know by leaving a comment below or by tweeting me or something. That’d be rather sweet.

Anyway, today might be the day we discover another EP that can go to the Loved List. Lemaitre are a Norway-based electronic duo and this is their newest release 1749. I’m pretty sure everybody must have heard the track Closer which has reached over 9 million streams on Soundcloud which is simply insane, but very well deserved because the track is so, so good. The EP kicks off with Not Too Late which does not skimp on delivering the high octane, bass heavy grooves as this wonderfully sunny instrumental is boosted by some excellent bass and horns that immediately get the airwaves bouncing and the hips shaking.

Closer is the obvious highlight of mine. The stark piano intro complete with icy vocals is elevated immensely with some dubstep-esque bass drops and a horn section that makes me wanna cry with happiness. This mashup of styles intertwine in a way that creates beautiful music and I’m so glad that it’s gracing my ears – a truly excellent tune. Day Two also keeps the summery vibes shining as bright as possible with some wonderful scratchy guitar parts that could make Nile Rodgers happy and goodness me, I’m overwhelmed by how good this is.

1749 is an excellent EP and Lemaitre have become the first artist to truly blow me away this year. The EP is home to five songs that offer some of the most upbeat, summery and excellent tunes which will no doubt be playing in my mind for the rest of this year. So good, sooooooooo good. For more reviews, interviews and good music check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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