Machine Maker by Future Elevators | Track Review

WHEN: 28.01.2016
WHERE: Communicating Vessels

Future Elevators are a five piece band from Alabama and this is their newest single Machine Maker. I’ve always thought about creating a machine that could effectively do all of the social things I’m expected to do like say hello or go to work but chronic laziness is the downfall of what could be the best thing since sliced bread. Anyway, I was turned on to this tune thanks to the gorgeous artwork (look at it, so pretty!) and the band’s use of the “toy box piano”. Awesome.

Machine Maker is a track that’s full of melodies. From the opening diddy to the lovely bluegrassy slides Future Elevators convert this wishy washy tune into something that’s layered with lots and lots of sweet little sounds that continue to pleasantly please the eardrums after multiple listens. The band allows the instruments to play alongside the main rhythm of the vocals to forge a real solid unit that’s riddled with team building exercises, and it really does sound good. Especially as it’s backed up with a constantly hurried drum beat and downtrodden guitar chords that add a real melancholy feel to the song too. Nice work.

Stream Machine Maker below and be sure to look out for Future Elevators’ debut album on the 19th of February. For more reviews, interviews and good music check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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