Antifistamines by Love Buzzard | Album Review

WHEN: 12.01.2016
WHERE: 1-2-3-4 Records

Sometimes all you need to get yourself out a little funk is some hard edged garage rock. Love Buzzard blew my face apart last month with their track Oh and this month they have finally released their debut album Antifistamines, which is made up of thirteen separate uppercuts to the face.

Cash kicks off the LP with a super moody, fuzzy guitar riff that sounds like it’s being played with all the strings turned down low and performed through a bass amp ala Kyuss style. This deeply rooted sound is thick and murky enough to trap some rhythm into it, as Love Buzzard throw some riffs that have a bit of swing to it throughout the track and throughout the album too. So all in all, this is the equivalent of sinking into quicksand and discovering a secret underground funk danceclub beneath it, which is awesome…and confusing.

This journey into the distorted funktopia continues as following track Headrush bashes and crashes its way through the airwaves to deliver riffs that are also hellbent on destroying on face while shaking your hips at the same time. This forced dance collaboration is then made a little more voluntary with the track Beams, which is all kinds garage rock and funky that it makes me forget that my jaw is just swinging by my knees at this point. Great track.

Antifistamines continues to keep this frantic tempo throughout and delivers an array of reasons to really get into Love Buzzard. The duo stick firmly behind the same formula for a lot of the tracks but they maintain a high standard of entertaining guitar riffs and old school vocal performances that it sticks the material together to become this great behemoth of solid garage rock. It’s great.

Love Buzzard have delivered tremendously with their debut album. Antifistamines is a record that’s full of dirty, distorted garage rock which is maintained at a constant urgent speed that makes it all the more entertaining. An awesome record; my face hurts. For more reviews, interviews and good music check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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