Sucker by Vangoffey | Track Review

FROM: Album – Take Off Your Jacket & Get Into It
WHERE: Distiller Records

Years ago I was a huge fan of Supergrass and was a very upset little boy when they had split up. Nowadays the wound has healed and I’ve possibly realised that they probably weren’t all that great actually, but I’m glad to have experienced them in my life. While all of the members are off cracking the solo artist path it’s cool to see which one comes out with the latest material. Former drummer Danny Goffey has formed the witty-ly (journalism) Vangoffey and last year released debut album Take Off Your Jacket & Get Into It which slipped through my eardrums without any hint of a peep, but now comes the release of the single Sucker, and that is pretty darn good.

Complete with an upbeat instrumentation and an attitude that screams a lot of “yeah, whatever” with a hint of let’s get dancing this track is actually a rather nice musical surprise for the eardrums. A solid, danceable drum beat combines with sunny acoustic guitars which immediately get the feet tapping which makes for a great foundation for the layers upon layers of lead licks, cowbell and synthesiser to throws itself into the spotlight.  Sucker is full of percussion and reasons to actually take that jacket and really get into it, and it’s awesome.

Stream Sucker below, and for more reviews, interviews and good music check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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