2016: Good Albums | 2

Over the last three years I’ve noticed that I’m a very busy bee when it comes to being able to review albums all the time. Sure I manage to crank out the odd album review here and there but as the sole mind contributing words to Exploding Head Syndrome and also with having a full time job it doesn’t give me a lot of time to write fully fledged, almost good reviews on all the albums I’ve heard and enjoyed. So what I’ve decided to do is continue the theme of the Great Albums Of 2015 posts that came about towards the end of last year and turn it into a semi-regular series for you lovely people. Below will be some recommendations of albums I’ve checked out and enjoyed, offering up just a brief description of what it sounds like and why I like it. The first article was a pretty big hit so I’ve decided to keep the hype train going to allow us all to experience and share our feelings towards these albums together, making for some real lovely moments for 2016. Enjoy, and I love you.

Wild Stab by The I Don’t Cares | Ever since checking out Juno for the first time I’ve become obsessed with simple acoustic/electric tunes that come with a hint of chill, and with a name like The I Don’t Cares this might be one of my favourite finds of the year so far. Wild Stab is their debut album and it is filled with many little pop and rock gems that feature a lot of solid riffs and hooks to stick your face into. Seriously though, check out the track Dance To The Fight and let me know if you don’t get dancing. Great track, great record.

Different Sun by Electric Eye | Last time I picked out the band PAUW’s Macrocosm Microcosm which was an awesome psychedelic rock album, and this time round it’s time to bring out the new album from Electric Eye. Much like PAUW, these guys make their music HUGE with layers upon layers of synthesiser and guitar riffs and all sorts of twists and turns that leave me with a mind that’s equally blown and satisfied at the same time. This is definitely an album that’s best enjoyed with headphones on and smoking a big old bowl of lemonade.

Lucky Ones by The Crookes | For a more poppier approach to the psychedelic vibes give this record a try. The Crookes deliver an album that’s full of material that’s saturated with all kinds of simple melodies and guitar riffs that throw some dosage of momentum into the mix, creating a listening experience that’s varied and pretty enjoyable too. The track I Wanna Waste My Time On You is lovely too.

Funs Cool by The Prettiots | Earlier I did state that The I Don’t Cares were a good source of Juno-esque laid back music but actually I believe it’s The Prettiots who could take the top spot (besides The Moldy Peaches of course). Funs Cool is an album complete with nicely layered material full of acoustic chords, electric riffs, simple vocal harmonies and the underlying sense that hey, maybe we should probably take it easy a little. Nice record.

Still Waters by Breakbot | If you’re like me and are a white guy who’s got a little too much wiggle in his hips then this is the record for you. Breakbot have dropped their second album Still Waters and it is full of all the reasons to keep those hips a’shakin’. This is a superb listening experience full of great beats and rhythms and all in all it’s one of my favourite albums to recommend today.

Commontime by Field Music | Finally, the last recommendation has to be this record. Field Music have been around for a few years now and Commontime is certainly one of my favourites of theirs. Combining elements of electronic music with funk with rock with pop creates a chemical reaction in me that makes me wanna shake my dick as hard as I can. This is a simply feel-good record, and is definitely one that needs to be heard by everyone, everywhere.

So there we go! Six more albums that have all graced my eardrums and will hopefully grace yours too. If you like the idea of these little recommendation posts then do let me know, and if you wanna check out some more music reviews, interviews and good music check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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