Youth Culture by Bad Girls | EP Review

WHEN: 23.01.2016
WHERE: A-Minor Presents

There’s been a lack of EP reviews on this website so far this year, so I’m determined to try and up that number. To be fair there hasn’t been many EPs brought to my attention lately, but this is one that certainly grabs it. Bad Girls are a garage rock band from Toronto, and this is their new EP Youth Culture. If you like your garage rock to come with an edge of having a good time and a wee tiny hint of becoming of age then this is the EP for me, for you, for everybody.

Try kicks off the EP with a lead melody that is undeniably catchy before Bad Girls allow the strained, gravelly vocals to lead the track into it’s fuzzy direction. Scrappy guitars combined with a fast paced drum beat makes for some darn good listening, and lyrics like “I’ll show you mine if you show yours too” just adds to the youthfulness this record exhumes. An excellent tune. Following track Bad Girls does a great impression of its predecessor, delivering another lead lick that sounds terribly similar to the one we’ve already heard but fortunately it does make up amends by being a ridiculously danceable jam.

The accessibility kicks up a notch with the perfectly titled Wasted Teenagers coming in with a stonking-ly heavy riff that’s boosted with some thick, thick basslines to really put across the struggle that comes with waking up with a ridiculously horrid hangover. My usual remedy for the hangover is a glass of Coke and a lot of regret but Bad Girls have got themselves a corker of a song here that could relieve any headache, or possibly make it worse. Depends on the volume and severity.

Bad Girls then turn things around with the track Not To Blame which favours the acoustic guitars and the harmonica and bluesy slide guitars to deliver one of the more surprising instrumentals on the EP. It’s a wonderfully pleasant, laid back tune that’s full of harmonies, melodies and a nice checkpoint to fall in love with Bad Girls, what a lovely little song.

Youth Culture ends what has been an excellent listen with a sweet burst of volume in the form of the track Body Buzz. This quick, simple fuzzy number rounds things up with an instrumental that’s full of swing and pretty much the perfect way to bring an end to what’s been an excellent EP. Bad Girls have delivered five superb songs that add a lot of danceable qualities to the genre of garage rock, and even chucked in a cheeky acoustic number too. Nice work lads. For more music reviews, interviews and good music check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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