Melt Yourself Up by Climbing Alice | EP Review

WHEN: 29.01.2016
WHERE: Philophobia Music

Climbing Alice are a three piece alternative rock band from Wakefield, and this is their debut EP Melt Yourself Up. These guys have created music that’s heavy and full of gritty tension, which should get the blood pumping and the heads banging. I’m not quite sure who Alice is, but she sounds lovely. Opening track Chicken Feet features a hard hitting guitar riff, Dave Grohl-esque vocals and quite a bit of psychedelic elements just seeping on through the instrumentation. This brings forth an introduction that’s so ballsy that no matter which way it’s facing always succeeds at slapping yourself in the face with it’s big ol’ space hoppers.

Ration With A Passion heads down a much more melodic route as Climbing Alice delivers a riff that’s a little less distorted and wanders down the minor notes alongside some beaten drums and some vocals that add a little heartfelt emotion into the sound too. The wonderfully titled Liberty X Killed My Childhood Soul features some pent up rage that I’m assuming has been building up ever since the debut of Just A Little which is completely understandable. (Note: I’ve just noticed that Liberty X are still around today, seriously. Seriously?)

Fau Negege ends the EP with yet another thunderous roar of guitar riffs and some excellent drumming to bring a close to what has been a very solid listen. Melt Yourself Up is a gutsy, gritty listen full of songs that can certainly get you ready to climb on top of a mountain or something. Nice work. Stream the EP below, and for more reviews, interviews and good music check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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