Lovers by Merival | EP Review

WHEN: 29.01.2016

Lovers is the debut EP from Anna Horvath, also known as Merival. At the start of the year I talked just a tiny bit about her track A Better Deal and how much I enjoyed it’s warm acoustic sound and haunting atmosphere. Finally with this new EPM I can dive into the sound and hopefully swim around in six songs that offer an equally pleasant ocean of listening experiences.

A Better Deal kicks off the EP and subsequently eases the listener into Merival’s playing ability and knack for creating some nice melodies, which soon precedes the lovely track known as Alay Alas. This near two minute track is a burst of some urgent finger picking which speeds right past the eardrums with all manner of melody and harmony before leaving us with second single Kickin You Out.

This track is possibly my favourite on Lovers. It’s a song that offers that strong message of embracing one’s power in sorting out your life and putting an end to things that are bumming you out, pairing it alongside some warm acoustic sounds and all in all it’s a simple but lovely tune. Following track Dream of Yourself throws a banjo shaped spanner into the works which produces a surprising but nice turn of events which ups the variety and fulfils the banjo quota quite nicely.

Calender closes off the EP with another dose of warm acoustic sounds and haunting vocals to round up what has been a pleasant listen overall. Lovers is an EP that excels in an intimate environment, but offers little variation outside of the banjo-shaped spanner and possibly the occasional vocal hook. However, it does all blend together to become a solid listening experience. For more reviews, interviews and good music check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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