Lost Property by Turin Brakes | Album Review

WHEN: 29.01.2016
WHERE: Cooking Vinyl

Turin Brakes have been around for sixteen years now and I’ve only just heard of them. I don’t know what that probably says about myself as an aspiring music journalist but sixteen years ago I was a tender age of six and preparing to live a life full of puberty and anxiety-related social assassinations. Anyway, here I am now as a 22 year old with only mild cases of puberty and I have discovered Turin Brakes for the very first time, and their new album Lost Property is really, really good.

96 kicks things off with an acoustic number that delivers some upbeat chords and an atmosphere that I wish I could be a part of forever. The band accompany this sound with some warm basslines and a lead guitar that offers some stonkingly good licks which all in all creates a beautiful collision of acoustic/electric genitalia, making for some beautiful music. This great start is followed with a wonderful trio of Keep Me Around, The Quiet Ones and Lost Property, which all offer three different sets of directions for the listener to stumble along to.

The album middles out a tad as the band kick back to deliver some mid-paced tracks in the form of Rome and Brighter Than The Dark, with the latter actually featuring some delightful vocal harmonies that could startle Fleet Foxes into finally creating a new record. Martini is a wonderful little diddy tune and Jump Start is a righteous thunderous tune that could any Bon Jovi/Goo Goo Dolls/Creed fan going crazy, and for the first time ever, I feel like I could jump right in there with them.

Lost Property is a great way to get into a band and realise that they’ve got at least 6 more records to dive into. Turin Brakes have got themselves a record that offers a lot of reasons to get into the band right away because it’s nothing short of fantastic. It throws acoustic and electric elements together and the result is a baby that is more varied and colourful than a newly created Sims family. Awesome. For more reviews, interviews and good music check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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