Never Had A Dream by HUNCK | EP Review

WHEN: 29.01.2016

On the tail end of 2015 I decided to take a secret pirate mission and uncover some treasures that were not meant to be heard until the new year. The treasure that shone brightest was the track Never Had A Dream by London’s HUNCK – a two piece band who immediately made it on my “bands to fangirl over” list. They have finally released their debut EP of the same name, and finally I can make amends by correctly posting the EP review on Twitter now…sorry lads.

I’ll Wait kicks off the EP with a Mazzy Star-esque guitar riff and melody which seeps into the fuzzy foundations alongside some deep rooted bass guitar and snappy drumbeats. HUNCK throw all sorts of poppiness into the track with a simple “and I’ll wait and I’ll wait and I’ll wait…” vocal hook which adds a little accessibility to this otherwise grunge-y sound. As an opener it’s a little too laid back to really get the momentum going however it does boast a very well layered instrumental which promises some entertaining sounds throughout Never Had A Dream.

This laid back sound continues to fall deep into it’s state of chill as following track Up In The Sky enhances the laziness and delivers some more fuzzy, relaxed guitars alongside some slightly stranger sounds that would not sound out of place on a Tame Impala record. Once again this is another solid track that doesn’t focus on upping the energy levels right away, but instead saves it for a finale that is full of volume, full of momentum and yeah, finally there’s some urgency to this EP.

Never Had A Dream does succeed at being the centrepiece of the EP, as it brings a lot more emphasis on the poppier side of HUNCK’s sound which turns it into a proper upbeat tune, though closing track So Far, So Deep does come in with a short burst of loud guitar riffs to end things on a high note.

HUNCK have got off to a solid start for their debut. Never Had A Dream does offer some material that shows off a lot of promise and sound that combines pop and grunge together which results in some very well crafted instrumentation, though at times it does feel a little in need of some urgency. As a hello, this is certainly one of the strongest introductions I’ve heard so far this year – nice work HUNCK. For more reviews, interviews and good music check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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