Adore Life by Savages | Album Review

WHEN: 22.01.2016
WHERE: Matador Records

Yes yes YES. Savages are a four piece band from right here in the UK and this is their new album Adore Life. These ladies burst onto the scene in 2013 with their blisteringly good debut Silence Yourself which introduced a sound that was packed full of punches to the face and reasons to add these guys onto your list of hot new bands to forever keep an eye on. I’ve personally been anticipating this album ever since the close of Silence Yourself, and am pleased to say that this is certainly no case of “second album blues”.

The Answer kicks things off with a fuzzy guitar riff aggressively laying down a foundation of noise which plays alongside an off-kilter vocal hook which immediately sticks into your head. Savages throws all sorts of noisy guitars at the walls as they deliver extra power chords, melodies and what appears to be a breakdown of the instrument before regaining it’s power and driving a haymaker right into your skull. This is an awesome, energetic number that gets the hype rife with fury and thunder that gets things going in a great way. Awesome track.

What follows next is a venture into the groovy as Savages allow the track Evil to feature an instrumental that’s unbelievably danceable. A tight rhythm section delivers a bassline and drumbeat that slip seamlessly into one another to reproduce a product of musical hubris that gets the hips shaking and the feet tapping. This catchy element seeps into other tracks on Adore Life too, as Sad Person also dabbles at the accessible bassline while pairing it with some more heavy guitars, and the track Slowing Down The World showcases a much more layered sound that incorporates groove into its primary instrumental which comes off really well.

Adore Life is a fantastic album from Savages, and one that cements their status as one of the best bands to come out of the 10’s. While the aggressive nature displayed on their debut is a little calmer this time around the band still maintains a ton of punk and post-punk elements to keep it flowing nicely. There are some excellent tunes on this record, and yeah, Savages are great. Yes, yes, yes. For more reviews, interviews and good music check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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