Roaring At The Storm by Sauropod | Album Review

WHEN: 22.01.2016
WHERE: Riot Factory

Sauropod are a three piece from Norway and this is their debut album Roaring At The Storm. Right at the start of the month I reviewed their track Headphones and possibly dabbled too much in revealing how much of a social recluse I prefer to be, but I did also talk about how much I enjoyed the track. The band performed some heavy punk rock riffs against some playful sounding vocals, warping my mind a tad but altogether coming across like a less-gimmicky and good version of Babymetal.

With many songs clocking in at just less than two minutes Roaring At The Storm is a short blast of noise but inside that short eruption comes quite a lot of fun little tunes. Opening track You and Me Should Leave Together Tonight offers nearly three minutes of music but is packed with upbeat riffs, simple vocal hooks and a whole lot of energy. This allows the listener to get hyped up enough for the following tune Winter Song which is arguably the heaviest song on the album. Murky instrumentation is comprised of metallic guitar riffs, industrial leads and a very passionate, gravelly vocal performance that could perk the ears of the Pixies. It’s a great track.

This album also offers a ton of variety throughout it’s short life too. Hausmania offers a much sunnier side of what we heard on Winter Song with some subtle plinky strings in the background of some incredibly angry guitar riffs, whereas Running Song is a sweet little sincere number that holds an intro that I could easily hear on an episode of Spongebob Squarepants. My personal highlight has to be Fugue as it offers a completely gnarly intro complete with fuzzy guitars before noodling into this spaghetti bowl of melody which somehow incorporates some insanely gravelly vocals and all kinds of twists and turns throughout – it’s insane.

Overall Roaring At The Storm is a solid album from Sauropod. It’s full of everything you could ever need really – from quick punk songs to drawn out sludgey ventures to the occasional acoustic number, it has it all. All of this variety does break up the flow of the record a tad but as a unit it is very reliably going to give you a good time. Nice work. For more reviews, interviews and good music check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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