Hourglass by Lily & Madeleine | Track Review

WHEN: New album – 26.02.2016
WHERE: New West Records

The worst thing about growing up is that suddenly being born in 1993 means you’re not able to get away with playing the “but I’m a kid!” card no more. Sure I write music reviews and publish them five days a week but there are individuals in this world younger than I who are producing some beautiful music. Lily & Madeleine are a duo of ladies who are set to drop their third album in three years Keep It Together next month, and as well as being super productive they also happen to make some great material.

Hourglass is the lead single to come from the upcoming album and goodness me, it’s real good. The instrumentation is made up of a charming arsenal of piano, strings and drums which means that it’s full of twinkling piano keys, sweet, weeping strings and drums that add a little bit of depth to the sound. This creates the perfect foundation for Lily & Madeleine to croon out some wonderful vocals, which meander their way around the main melodies of the track effortlessly.

And what’s great is that once the realisation that this track is pretty much perfect, it’s then flooded with an eruption of strings which weeps all over the piano keys to deliver a perfectly timed rush of gorgeous instrumental that tips Hourglass over the edge as being one of my favourite songs heard so far this year. A gorgeous song. Check out the video to Hourglass below, look out for Lily & Madeleine’s new album Keep It Together on February 26th and for more reviews, interviews and good music check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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