I Left A House Burning by Swaying Wires | Album Review

WHEN: 15.01.2016
WHERE: Battle Worldwide Recordings

Swaying Wires is a Finnish band and this is their new album I Left A House Burning. All confessions to arson aside, these guys like to create music that’s moody, melodic and oh so heavenly in parts. I’ve written about them previously for their debut record Some Blue Sky and very much enjoyed it, so I’m excited to see how these guys do on their sophomore effort.

Opening track Dead Bird is a delightful little tune which eases its way into the ear canals gently thanks to a delicate combination of lightly strummed guitar and lovely acoustic melody which connects wonderfully with frontwoman Tina Kakien’s innocent vocals. Synthesisers and drums contribute with equally subtle parts which altogether creates an instrumental that’s wintery, lush and simply beautiful. Nowhere follows up with a sweet, jangly little tune which is boosted by some distorted guitar melodies and an upbeat rolling acoustic rhythm.

The poppy goodness continues as tracks such as Surrender and Dreams offer up some more accessible sounds to satisfy the listener’s appetite. Dreams in particular is a gorgeous track complete with cute piano chords which is washed out by a free flowing river of distorted guitar that rings up the ballad-factor nicely. Swaying Wires certainly know how to vary up their material.

Fear is a near seven minute epic that features a rhythm section that’s surprisingly groovy, which is (of course) paired up with a guitar riff that’s a little afraid of the dancefloor. Swaying Wires show off a lot of ambition for this track as it’s finale is a gorgeous exploration into a world full of colour as walls of distortion coincide with shimmering melodies to create one of the more thematic sounds on I Left A House Burning. Wonderful.

I Left A House Burning is Swaying Wires’ best record yet. From start to finish, this delightful album brings you in to it’s wintery world and snuggles up with you by the fire while serenading you with cute little pop tunes. The band showcases a lot of creativity, variety and ambition throughout this record and they have absolutely smashed the hell out of any worry of them suffering the “second album blues”. A truly lovely record. For more reviews, interviews and good music check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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