Exec Style. by Fighting Caravans | Track Review

WHEN: 11.01.2016

Fighting Caravans is a badass band name and a five piece band from Leeds, and this is their new single Exec. Style. Last year these guys released their debut EP Beasts Of England which received a lot of buzz over the UK and now they look to bring their sound of heavy, driving rock music into the new year. If you’re a fan of QOTSA and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds then check this out. If you’re not, then you should rethink your musical choices.

Exec. Style is a huge, boulder moving tune which starts off with a down tempo, melody-lead intro against some ominous vocals before the guitars come in with a riff that sounds very old school rock and desert rock. Fighting Caravans pack this thing full of groove thanks to a solid bassline and drums that offer up a simple but effective beat, allowing the track to let loose with the louder instruments for it’s closing moments. Walls of guitars let loose with guitar chords and lead licks and it just sounds freaking awesome man.

This is a great track for Fighting Caravans to throw themselves into the new year, and is one that definitely warrants keeping the band on the radar for future releases. Check out the video to Exec. Style below and for more reviews, interviews and good music check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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