Never Had A Dream by HUNCK | Track Review

WHEN: Hunck EP – 29.01.2016

Sometimes I have thoughts that maybe I throw around the LOVE a little too easily, but then I conclude that perhaps it’s better to live life that way rather than bottle up all of those possible feelings as it could prevent what could be the start of a wonderful connection. Whether or not that makes me a slut to the music industry is irrelevant – I’m going to keep fangirling and throwing my love at anything it sticks to, and that is a very gross sentence. HUNCK are a five piece band from London and this is their newest track Never Had A Dream which as you’ve probably already assumed is going to be the latest victim of my flinging flanging love.

Combining the dreamy, starry-eyed gaze of George Harrison with the delectable knack of producing some easy going grooves as per Tame Impala, HUNCK have got themselves a wonderful tune in the form of Never Had A Dream. It’s innocent synthesiser beginning is beefed up with some distorted guitar riffs that are strummed with little effort alongside a drum beat that just about cuts through the haze to add in a tad of rhythm to the mix.  All of these infectious elements come together for the chorus which blooms wonderfully to become this danceable disease that could get any zombie shuffling along to.

Never Had A Dream is a lovely little song that is full of sweet melodies, harmonies and boasts one of the most innocent sounds I’ve heard in a long while. HUNCK have introduced themselves in a way that makes it acceptable to say you love them after just meeting them, and that it’s okay to hand out compliments at any time. I might use the L word a little too much but in this case, I think this is the real thing. Stream Never Had A Dream below and look out for HUNCK’s debut EP on the tailend of January. For more music reviews, interviews and good music check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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