Headphones by Sauropod | Track Review

WHEN: New Album – 22.01
WHERE: Riot Factory

As a man who enjoys being outside without interacting with any other member of society who have ventured out of their homes I owe my introverted life to headphones. One of life’s best unsung pleasures is purposely being able to ignore somebody who has noticed you because “the music you’re listening to is too loud to have ever heard the person calling out your name” so for that I thank you headphones for allowing me to have that opportunity to avoid having a conversation and not look like a douche at the same time. Anyway, Headphones is also the latest single from Norwegian trio Sauropod, and it is definitely something to have conversations with people about.

These guys perform a mashup of Grunge and Punk which results in a sound that is packed full of intensity and fury as they look set to pummel guitar riffs into your face which is exactly what happens here with Headphones. Clocking in at just under two minutes, this song does it’s very best to throw all sorts of feedback-drenched distortion into the eardrums to get them badboys ringing harder than the biggest bell in the world.

However one thing which enables Headphones to stand out from the traditional two minute punk song is the vocal delivery of the frontwoman Jonas Røyeng. She delivers her lyrics inbetween the aggressive nature of the instrumental with a kind of playful tone that seeps in all kinds of accessibility into the song – allowing it to build it’s own character as she continues to provide it with all of this theatrical individualism which simply put, sounds awesome. 

Sauropod have somehow created a tune that is heavy on the instruments but light on the vocals, which has birthed a contrast so perplexing that it works – very well might I say. Headphones is a funny little number that gets you giggling as well as headbanging and just, wow. It’s good. Check out Headphones below and look out for Sauropod’s debut album Roaring at the Storm on the 22nd of January. For more music reviews, interviews and good music check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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