Breathless by Fairchild | Track Review

WHEN: Breathless EP – TBC
WHERE: Canvas Sounds

Christmas is over, List Week is finished and soon the world will be waking up a little sunnier in the mornings – it’s good to be back. Fairchild is a six piece band from Australia-now-Manchester and this is their latest track Breathless. These guys moved to Manchester to escape the distractions of home to focus solely on building their sound as well as their own label Canvas Sounds and Breathless is the result of a lot of ideas thrown around by all six members.

Clocking in at just less than five minutes, Breathless has more than enough time to catch the breath of the listener. It’s mid-tempo pace is complete with a simple drum beat and a melody that comes with a whole load of reverb to swell up the atmosphere with an expansive sound which is fortunately fleshed out with some deep-rooted, slick basslines. This track continues to lay down a listen that’s very seductive and full of layers upon layers of guitars and synthesisers that could get anybody breathing heavy – it’s great. It’s finale is a big eruption of sound as Fairchild allow the instrumentation to crank up the volume on the melodies and for the drums to add a little extra power to their beats, causing one heck of a satisfying climax to what has been a very entertaining listen.

Breathless is a great track from Fairchild and it’s one that definitely sets up the summery progression of the new year nicely. It’s seductive tempo is complimented with some nice melodies and contains some smooth basslines that can certainly get people dancing. This is a great track, and hopefully soon we can expect a release date for the upcoming Breathless EP soon. Stream the track below, and for more music reviews, interviews and good music check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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