Top 50 Singles Of 2015 | 25 – 01 | List Week 2015

It’s List Week 2015! After a whole lot of not publishing content here I am with a whole bunch of goodies like a musical Father Christmas. List Week is a self-explanatory way to list all of the albums, EPs and tracks that has been featured on Exploding Head Syndrome over the last twelve months. Today it’s the second and most important half of the Top 50 Singles of 2015, which feature songs that were undeniably catchy, moody, or simply insane. Please do have a read through and enjoy all of these recommendations! If you do appreciate all of this, then please do leave a comment below, or follow me on Twitter or like the Exploding Head Syndrome Facebook page. Here’s to a great 2016!

25 | CHRVCHES – Keep You On My Side | CHRVCHES delivered another solid album this year, but it was this song in particular that drove me back into listening to it over and over again. An excellently paced little pop tune.

24 | Everything Everything – Distant Past | Everything Everything delivered possibly their best album yet in Get To Heaven this year, and it was this single that definitely turned me on to it. This is pop music combined expertly with rock music to create a song that is full of riffs, unbelievable drumbeats and a chorus that tickles the disco button nicely. Great track.

23 | Crazy P – Witch Doctor | Any band that releases the closing track of their upcoming album as a lead single is a ballsy one, and fortunately for Crazy P it worked out very well. Witch Doctor is a great example of a dance track that’s allowed to feel itself out with enough time to really get into the groove of things.

22 | JJ Grey & Mofro – A Night To Remember | This track is the sound of having fun. A real crowd pleaser is delivered by JJ Grey & Mofro as they lay down all kinds of riffs, bass lines hooks and a freakin’ sweet guitar solo to form a track that is nothing short of absolutely wonderful.

21 | MOAN – Trapped Between Her Hips | MOAN has got themselves one of the sexiest tracks of the year right here. Trapped Between Her Hips is a charming drive down a sensual listening experience that’s complete with smoke and a heck of technique which leaves you feeling breathless and satisfied – and the fact that it’s sung by a woman makes it all the more sexier. Goddamn.

20 | Carly Rae Jepsen – Making The Most Of The Night | Carly Rae Jepsen delivered one of the musical surprises of the year in the form of E-MO-TION and this track is just one of many pop songs that could have made this list. Carly grabs elements of the 80s to create a track that is full of hooks and urgency and the result is something that blows aside all hesitations and reservations of announcing yourself as a Carly Rae Jepsen fan.

19 | Girl Friend – Poison | Girl Friend released a poopton of material this year, but it was this track in particular that remained my favourite. This is a straight forward pop tune that also harks back to the 80s but lays down a lot of groove and rhythm that has become synonymous with Girl Friend’s sound, and that final synth beat at the end – goodness me.

18 | Dany Laj And The Looks – Mr Rebound | Seeing these guys release an album and get signed brought me to tears this year, and being able to experience this song once again was just a wonderful gift itself. A lovely, frantic attempt at some upbeat pop/punk music right here.

17 | Jamie XX – I Know There’s Gonne Be (Good Times) | Gooood tiiimes, good tiiiiiiimes, you know there’s gonna be good tiiiiimes…how can you not love this song? This is the song of the summer for me right here, and experiencing it live at Reading Festival in August was a definite highlight.

16 | Flash Bang Band – Spooky Action At A Distance | This track came out of nowhere and bowled me over with it’s eccentricities and grooves. SAaaD proved to be one of the catchiest little numbers of the year and I very much enjoyed it’s many, many layers of riffs.

15 | Eagles Of Death Metal – Complexity | EODM returned in a big, big way this year, and despite the horrible events of the Paris attacks it seems nowadays they’re the biggest they’ve ever been. Their sound is the perfect way to say F you to the terrorists groups trying to spoil humanity, and their lead single Complexity is a short but sweet burst of pop/hard rock full of riffs and hooks for you to shake your tailfeather to.

14 | Foolish Atoms – Broken Parts | Adult Teeth are another indie label that boasts a great roster, and Foolish Atoms delivered another reason why you should check them out. Broken Parts is a simple fuzzy guitar driven tune complete with some truly heartfelt lyrics that are communicated wonderfully by an excellent vocal performance. It’s impossible not to fall in love with this song.

13 | Alissia – Take Off | One of the last songs released in 2015, Alissia delivers a funky, aeroplane-themed track which is full of silky basslines and an atmosphere that’s sky high. This lady is definitely one artist to look out for in the new year, as her Back To The Funkture EP should be quite a doozy.

12 | Lianne La Havas – Green & Gold | Lianne La Havas delivered one of the best albums of the year in Blood, and the singles from it proved just how accessible it was. Green & Gold in particular showcases a catchy performance that utilises her beautiful voice alongside an upbeat, jazzy instrumentation.

11 | Mini Mansions – Vertigo | Another case of pop music done weird. Mini Mansions returned to drop one exciting record in The Great Pretenders, but it was the lead single Vertigo that really upped the excitement levels. Complete with synthesisers, off-kilter lyrics and a sense of uneasiness this track exceeds at entertaining within the shadows. Even the vocal contribution from Alex Turner was pretty good too.

10 | Kendrick Lamar – I | Kendrick had to be on this list somewhere. The lead single of the excellent To Pimp A Butterfly was great for a number of reasons. It’s catchy, uplifting and throws a nice message across the world – but it also shifted perceptions of what to expect from his latest album. Of course the album version of this track offers a completely different explanation but as a standalone feelgood single, you can’t hear many better than this.

09 | Hot Chip – Huarache Lights | Arguably their biggest hit since Over and Over and Ready for the Floor, Hot Chip let loose with this track. Huarache Lights is an absolute beast of a dance track with synths that are beefy beyond belief and offers instrumentation that could invoke all kinds of hyped up madness. A true return to form for Hot Chip here.

08 | New York Tourists – Call | From the falsetto intro to the heavy guitar riffs this track goes OFF. It’s smooth, sexy, catchy, ballsy and it’s just excellent from start to finish.

07 | XPrime – Dance Tonight | DANCE DANCE TONIGHT. Definitely one of the simplest but catchiest songs of the year. I love it’s excitable riffs, the disco drum beats and the effortlessly sweet vocal hooks. XPrime emerged from 2015 from out of nowhere and have become one of my favourite bands.

06 | Treetop Flyers – Dance Through The Night | This track is a six minute epic that sounds like it could have come straight out of The Doors’ discography. Treetop Flyers reveal all of their goodies in this excellent track from superb vocals to brilliant instrumental breakdowns and well, it’s just badass.

05 | Say Yes Dog – Stronger | Not gonna lie, this song is so good. SO GOOD. German trio Say Yes Dog deliver a dance number that’s moody and full of darkness but the chorus blooms with an upbeat rush of synths and hooks that it immediately adds a little sunshine to the atmosphere.

04 | Miami Horror – Love Like Mine | And now for a song that is sunshine all the time. Miami Horror are experts at making material that could suit a blistering summer’s day and this track is no exception. A wonderfully upbeat number and definitely one of the band’s best songs.

03 | M+A – Do The Shout | Another song full of sunshine and happiness, M+A introduced themselves to me with this delightful song and goodness me, I don’t think I ever took a smile off my face after listening to it. The chorus is such a simple but effective section, and the amount of synth and percussion the duo throw into the instrumental is astounding.

02 | The Birdman Rallies – Wild Sisters | Wild Sisters is the most delightful, innocently wonderful songs of 2015. The natural ease the band have at expanding this track out into a gloriously sunny atmosphere is simply breathtaking, and the way that they top it off with a delicately placed vocal performance just tops it off so nicely. This is a truly romantic, gorgeous song and I love it so much.

01 | Tuxedo – Do It | Yep, the top single of 2015 has got to go to Tuxedo! The duo comprised of Mayor Hawthorne and Jake One released one of the sexiest records of the year and it was with their lead single that brought a ton of attention and hip wiggling to them. This track is infectiously catchy, and bares such a natural desire to get people dancing that it sounds and flows so beautifully. This is modern funk and disco done right, and even on the 100thlisten it still manages to get my feet moving.


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