Top 20 EPs Of 2015 | List Week 2015

It’s List Week 2015! After a whole lot of not publishing content here I am with a whole bunch of goodies like a musical Father Christmas. List Week is a self-explanatory way to list all of the albums, EPs and tracks that has been featured on Exploding Head Syndrome over the last twelve months. Today it’s the Top 20 EPs of 2015, which features a lot of records from emerging or established artists from the UK and all over the world. This year’s been great for discovering new artists and EPs have been a great way to connect with them.

Please do have a read through and enjoy all of these recommendations! If you do appreciate all of this, then please do leave a comment below, or follow me on Twitter or like the Exploding Head Syndrome Facebook page. Here’s to a great 2016!

20 | The Do’s – This N That
19 | Bara Blaque – Dreams And Vice
18 | Caterwaulrus – Songs That Go Nowhere
17 | Erica Glyn – Dollars For Thieves
16 | GHXST – Nowhere
15 | Girl Friend – Weekend Soulmate
14 | TRASH – Urban Glow
13 | Spells Of Vertigo – Soaked
12 | Spaceman J – Spaceman J
11 | Programm – Like The Sun

10 | WOOF. – WOOF | The debut from the mind of Kelan Bonislawski is a delightful listen full of colourful instrumentals, off-kilter beats and material that can perk your mood up immediately. Coming from my dear friends at Tree Machine Records, this is just one artist of many on the label that I very much like. (Hi Zack!)

09 | Shannon Wardrop – Cloud 9 |
One of the first EPs I heard this year. Singer-songwriter Shannon Wardrop cements her identity with this excellent three track EP which is full of gritty, bluesy, rocky instrumentals complete with her superb voice. Cloud 9 is a ballsy, confident way to announce yourself to the eardrums of the internet and to be honest, I really enjoyed Shannon’s balls in my ears.

08 | Figures – Unravel |
This year I got the honour to collaborate with many artists who resided in my own hometown or thereabouts. One of the last was three piece post-rock/post-punk Figures who delivered an interesting debut in Unravel. This EP was full of catchy, pummelling riffs and melodies that noodled so much they could be mistaken for a packet of Super Noodles. This is a great EP and a great start to what should be a very promising career for Figures.

07 | MOAN – Breaking Bad |
Another country that came into its own this year is Greece. Goodness me was there a lot of great releases this year coming from the brokest of nations! One in particular was this EP by MOAN, as it held a sound that was easy going and full of confidence in it’s ability to deliver the goods. Some excellent tracks on this thing, awesome.

06 | Murder Shoes – Murder Shoes |
If you like surf rock to come with a slice of pop and rock then check out Murder Shoes. Usually the surf rock genre is pretty samey and it’s hard to distinguish individuals by Murder Shoes succeed at delivering some catchy, summery vibes through their own skills. The EP has a much more murkier, moodier tone than traditional surfy goodness but this goodness is gooooooooooooooooooood.

05 | Avalanche Party – The Avalanche Party |
Goodness me this EP is punk at it’s heaviest. Listening to this EP is like purposely wanting to be punched in the head – all of the tracks are complete with at least four punches to the skull as the amount of riffs and aggression thrown into it are enough to drop a freakin’ BEAR to the floor. Excellent stuff.

04 | XPrime – PM |
Now for something happy. This record is EASILY the one that makes me the happiest. Having received nudes from the band members after a couple tweets (slags) PM delivered five tracks that were so catchy, fun and simply brilliant that allowed our relationship to blossom.

03 | Drunk Lips – In My Brain |
I was introduced to Drunk Lips after scouring the lovely Nikki from Everything and the Kitchen Sink’s website and goodness me, what a great discovery. In My Brain is an EP full of punk music that’s gutsy, punchy and for the most part – full of reasons to get pumped up and dancing.

02 | M+A – Anyway Milkyway |
It was super hard to decide which of the following two artists should go first and who should go second, but ultimately I had to give second place to M+A. The duo from Italy delivered an EP that’s complete with four of the catchiest dance numbers on the planet, and thanks to their unique lyrics and sounds it’s one that stands out amongst the rest.

01 | Girl Friend – Arrive Alone, Leave Alone |
It just had to be Girl Friend. I have been obsessed and impressed with these guys ever since hearing their debut track Stop last year. Each of their single releases have continued to blow my mind and well, their first EP of the year Arrive Alone, Leave Alone was just the cherry on the icing on the cake for me. Of course they also released their second EP of the year in Weekend Soulmate but it was the first that blew me away with a strong gust of excellently crafted throwbacks to the 80s. This is an EP that cements Girl Friend as one of the most exciting bands to look out for in 2016, and also as one of the best emerging acts to come out of the past year. An excellent EP from an excellent band, and an excellent way to top off this end of year list.


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