Weekend Soulmate by Girl Friend | EP Review

WHEN: 20.10.2015
WHERE: Tri-Tone

Goodness me, talk about making sure you’re satisfied. Having already released an EP in the form of the exquisite Arrive Alone, Leave Alone earlier in the year it would be fair enough to say to Manchester’s Girl Friend “hey guys, thank you for this, you deserve a teeny tiny break” but NOPE, here they are with ANOTHER EP. Mental. Titled Weekend Soulmate, this EP not only looks to further extend the already impressive discography of Girl Friend, but also looks to extend the amount of time I get to listen to them. I’ve been a huge fan of these guys since hearing their track Stop last year and since then their nostalgic sound of synthesiser goodness has kept my hips swinging and my feet dancing. It’s unfortunate that I cannot dance to save my life, but at least the effort is there.

Having already reviewed and raved about at least half of the tracks on Weekend Soulmate it only makes sense for these tracks to remain sounding great this time around. Good Morning opens up the EP with a nice, upbeat introduction that could be capable of giving you the warmest most loving cuddle in the world. This sets up nicely for second track Poison which previous versions of myself enjoyed very much, and present me enjoys quite a tad too.  This features a synth beat that gets me a little bit hot under the collar which slips in nicely for the more atmospheric sound of Chemical Reaction to slide on in. Slick basslines and scratchy guitars dip and dive into this ocean of washy synths and synthetic drums to wet my musical appetite and flood the airwaves on the chorus. It’s a wonderful song that rounds off a very well packaged sound.

But it’s the closer that gets to me. The nicely titled and nod to previous EP Arrive Alone, Leave Alone is a first taste of Girl Friend experimenting with a longer timeframe, and deary me it works so well. It’s instrumental is full of basslines, airy synthesisers and a drumbeat that knocks an extra dose of funk into the mix with every hit of the snare. It’s an excellently crafted soundscape that showcases Girl Friend’s talent in creating entertaining instrumentations. The chorus throws down a guitar riff that’s simple but full of some more funky goodness and oooh my – I’m practically spent by this point. It’s an absolutely excellent track and a superb way to close out the EP.

Unsurprisingly, I love Weekend Soulmate. I love Girl Friend, and I love you. This EP has arrived out of nowhere and has taken all of the good things Arrive Alone, Leave Alone delivered and added a whole extra layer of YAY to it. Girl Friend are surely going to take 2016 by storm – especially if they maintain this high quality of material throughout. Superb stuff. For more music reviews, free downloads and RIP Millie check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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