Looking back it was romantic but at the time I was suffocating by Kissing Party | Album Review

WHEN: 02.10.2015
WHERE: Hot Congress Records

Every now and then there’s always one song or record that gets put out by an artist that immediately makes me remember the times in which I had long, floppy hair and watched Juno almost every weekend with my very first girlfriend. Thankfully times have changed – I have a better haircut these days – but one thing that will continue to remain is the musical genre of lo-fi pop. Back then Juno was dominated by The Moldy Peaches, and tracks such as Jorge Regula and Anyone Else But You soundtracked my summers because they had such a wonderful, innocent quality about them that it was almost hard for me to remember how bad I looked with the long hair. Nowadays it’s the turn of Kissing Party with their deliverance of “Indie Slop” which sounds a) delicious and b) possibly expired.

Their new album Looking back it was romantic but at the time I was suffocating is probably not going to make the title of this review look good but it also comes with an air of laid back coolness that wafts of yeah whatever man with a slight freshener of intricate little pop goodness. Fifteen tracks long, most songs boast an almost two minute timeframe and in all of it’s lo-fi production, sloppily compiled instrumentations and drawling vocals there’s a very endearing quality to it. The Moldy Peaches would be so proud.

The album offers some excellent tracks that act as superb pop tunes complete with heartfelt lyricism, scuzzy distortion and delicately composed melodies whereas the rest of the material comes together too much to form a mush of indie sounds which leaves it sounding a little too familiar. However, those standout tracks in the form of Justine, Michigan Madonna, A Vain Victory, Stabs At Happiness and Trash have me enjoying this album over and over again.

Trash and Justine combine all of the laid back vibes with the acoustic summeriness of Juno to create songs that immediately throw a smile on my face and get me showing off my crooked teeth. Michigan Madonna is another upbeat scuzzy affair whereas Stabs At Happiness flings its limbs all over the place by delivering some sweet grooves on the percussion. Nice work.

Overall Looking back… is a sweet little record full of some pop gems which fortunately stand out enough to keep the record from becoming this big block of lo-fi noise. It’s unfortunate that the rest of the material becomes white noise after a little while but hey, whatever man. For more music reviews, free downloads and a kiss on the nose check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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