Shady Birds by Bay Kee | Track Review

WHEN: 10.11.2015
WHERE: Human Sounds Records

Exploding Head Syndrome’s been a little bit noisy these past couple weeks hasn’t it? All of these loud guitars and their loud riffs and people screaming their throats out and generally throwing down a perfect soundtrack for a bout of mildly aggressive fisticuffs – it’s not the way I want to be known. I am capable of enjoying music that’s a little on the lighter side, and encourage hugs not drugs, lunches not punches, happy hearts not broken parts. This is the perfect way to say to you all that I love you and I wish to hug you so, so hard – Shady Birds by Bay Kee.

Bay Kee is the solo project of songwriter Christine Spilka and after deciding to leave her band The Jean Jackets she has delivered something very pretty here in Shady Birds. A wonderful, delicate intro soon makes way for a huge, warm atmosphere to instantly surround the eardrums before settling nicely with Christine’s lovely vocals. Listening to this song is like experiencing a world that is carefree and has a whole lot of people getting along nicely – it’s so upbeat that it tears me up a little bit that I can’t be this happy all the time.

Shady Birds is a wonderful song from Bay Kee and she has definitely got a new fan in me. 2016 looks set to kick off with a great album in the form of Bay Kee’s debut Wonder Wild on January 11th and I cannot wait to hear it. Stream Shady Birds below, and for more music reviews, free downloads and whole lot of love check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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