Daydreaming by Murder Shoes | Album Review

WHEN: 06.11.2015
WHERE: Land Ski Records

Much like the beginning of my review of Murder Shoes, there really is nothing worse than breaking in a new pair of shoes. Good lord almighty have I been experiencing the same amount of foot-based anguish over the last couple of weeks. Walking to work is usually a pleasant stumble into being wide awake but now it’s like I’m punishing myself for splashing out on new shoes. It’s terrible – but while the sounds of my pain are terrible, Murder Shoes are back with their debut album Daydreaming, which fortunately sounds like angels at Christmas.

Murder Shoes are responsible for delivering a sound that’s shrouded in fuzzy guitars but comes with all the melodies and reverb that could get any surfer dude wanting to ride dat wave. This deep rooted surf-rock groove made me super enjoy the sounds of the band’s last EP Murder Shoes and luckily Daydreaming also aspires to be just as persuasive on the ocean front. Opening track Your Friend Kimmie introduces all of these elements in a mid-tempo fashion which allows all of the basslines, melodies and vocal harmonies to be heard clearly before mashing them altogether to create one hell of a stonking return to the eardrums.

Bad Reputation and Nineteeneightyone showcase the poppier appeal of Murder Shoes as they shift their sound ever so slightly to lean a little closer to the centre of the spotlight. The former’s willingness to let the riffage chill out for a second allows this really mellow atmosphere to form which is rife with groove and full of wonderfulness, whereas the latter is a straight up acoustic-driven number that combines the acoustic rhythm with the electric melody very, very nicely.

Girls Named Benji are probably going to be kinda weird but in this case they make for a great catalyst for Daydreaming to kick up a storm as this track lays down all kinds of riffs and solos which are delivered at a speed that hasn’t been used fully by the band yet. Little Lost features an intro and a riff that could fit right in the middle of a badass entrance by The Undertaker or a character played by Christoph Waltz in a Tarantino movie, and then quite possible the greatest combination is announced on the track Reefer and Pizza.

Overall Daydreaming is a solid debut record from Murder Shoes. They have taken all of the positives from their EP and have fleshed it out a tad for a record that spans eleven tracks. While some of the cuts don’t necessarily hit that sweet spot throughout, there are copious amounts of reasons why I’d laced my teeth with it. Kinda like Starburst or Dip Dabs, you can’t help but just eat another. For more music reviews, free downloads and interviews check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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