Heat by Glockenwise | Album Review

WHEN: 26.10.2015
WHERE: Lovers & Lollypops Records

Glockenwise are a four piece from Portugal and this is their new album Heat. These guys have been around since 2008 and perform a kind of punk and shoegaze combination that comes with a strong foundation of groove, meaning that things could be getting rather danceable all up in this review folks. This sound is certainly perfected after seven years and a whole lotta touring, so this should be a pretty fun record.

The opening trio of Heat come in the form of Cardinal, Heat and Eyes and goodness me, it’s like a trifecta of saying hello, giving you a grope and then hugging you goodbye. Cardinal is simply two minutes of an intense coming together of instruments alongside some background synth noise which immediately gets the sweat going and the hype at a high. Heat follows suits by delivering much more of the intensity but this time performing at a more traditional route, allowing some lyrics to be heard and some sweet sections of melodies to shrine through the glossy instrumentation. Eyes then rounds everything off with a big booming sound of feel good distorted guitar which is once again performed at a high speed tempo which succeeds at being maintained throughout. This is an awesome way to kick off a new record.

The band follow this three piece with the six minute epic titled Time (Is A Drag). It’s pretty much everything you’d expect from the title – it’s a big ass piece of music complete with repeated riffs and drawly vocals and a whole lot of more repetition before slowing to a close. It’s an awesome display of talent from all four members, proving that Glockenwise are also pretty darn good at producing songs of a longer length too. What’s also great to note is that as soon as this track is finished the band slip right back into the shorter, punk-esque direction with tracks such as Up To You and (Not A) Try Hard .

Heat is a freaking great album from Glockenwise. It’s a superb collection of tracks which detail a real eye and talent for delivering solid punk music at an intense level while also decorating it with the occasional touch of shoegaze, allowing their material to have some level of depth to it that usually doesn’t exist in most punk records. A great, great record here, I love it. For more music reviews, free downloads and interviews check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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