Mess Around by Cage The Elephant | Track Review

WHEN: 30.10.2015
WHERE: Columbia Records

Cage The Elephant are returning to the music scene just before Christmas with their fourth album Tell Me I’m Pretty which is simply the miracle on 34th street of 2015. I absolutely adored their previous album Melophobia and rate it firmly as the garage rock band’s best effort to date. Right now though we’re simply in November which means Tell Me I’m Pretty is still waiting for Santa to get his shit together – but we do have a track in the form of Mess Around available to enjoy.

Part of what made Melophobia so good was the sheer level of chaos it brought. It’s material was distorted and thrown around like a little musical ragdoll, the lyrics were often talking about some pretty urghrhg images (feeling your teeth – eesh) but it did bring forth quite a few grooves in amongst the noise too. Mess Around is easily a little quiet from the music we heard from the previous album, as the band seem to have cleaned their guitars up a tiny tad. However despite the clean up the track is loaded with riffs, harmonies and hooks that make up one hell of a layered listen. Like a really talented onion or something.

The riffs are catchy, the hooks are simple and there’s enough room to hear a solo that was performed by Dan Auerbach himself. Mess Around is a great little track and is definitely one that allows us to point towards positivity path that Tell Me I’m Pretty is gonna be another solid record from Cage The Elephant. Check out the video to the track below, and look out for Tell Me I’m Pretty on the 18th December. For more music reviews, free downloads and interviews check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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