Unravel by Figures | EP Review

WHEN: 16.11.2015

Figures are a trio from Essex and this is their debut EP titled Unravel. I had the pleasure of dropping their track Wigourney Seaver on the site last month and after putting on what I hear was an absolutely stonking launch EP on Friday the 13th we can all finally enjoy the sounds of the EP. If you like your music to come with a little slice of off-kilter angularity and a great big side salad of intense riffage then here’s me thinking Figures are for you.

The aforementioned track kicks off the EP with a great big thunderous way to say hello, complete with riffs that don’t quit and melodies that meander and wrap their arms around your eardrums to give quite possibly the most musical hug of all time. NScessity follows suit with another huge wall of riffage battering through the walls before slipping into yet another instrumental of melodic goodness. Figures pack this track with all types of percussion, bass lines and tempo shifts which coincide wonderfully with the vocals before blooming into a truly great finale which really rounds the performance off nicely. Nice work guys.

Things continue to head into the mellower vibe as Modulation eases into it’s sound thanks to a bassline and guitar melody that sounds very inviting. Some softer sung vocals are delivered to match the moody atmosphere against some lightly struck drums which eventually forms another solid instrumental. Energy takes a step back on this track as Figures focus instead on layering the instrumentation with some additional sounds. Basslines are given a much more prominent role for this track, and those wails of guitars that make an appearance? Delightful. Once again this is another very well crafted track full of emotion that’s delivered by another sterling vocal and musical performance.

The Marginal Guideline Effect closes out Unravel with a five minute display of pure post-rock goodness as Figures throw out all kinds of noodling licks and basslines to see what sticks against the wall. Dual vocals join together to add a real harmonic dynamic into the track while the instrumentation remains somewhat subtle for the first couple minutes before letting all the spaghetti slip out. The riffs make a slight return to inject some much needed fury into the track before steadily slipping away with the band deliver a wonderful repeated lyric that eventually comes to a halt and the EP is over. What a listen.

Unravel is an excellent EP and a fantastic way to announce yourself to the music world. Figures have got themselves four examples of post-rock done good, and simply music done good too. Their sound can range from explosive to emotive and everything in-between, and luckily it all sounds very good. An awesome EP. For more music reviews, free downloads and interviews check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.



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