Great Albums of 2015 2 | Recommendations

Not too long ago I decided to cram a whole bunch of album recommendations into one cheeky post and after realising how much more albums are out there, have decided to do it again! This might become a thing now. Here’s another selection of records that have been released in the second half of 2015 and all of the reasons why you should check them out. Enjoy.

Jack Savoretti – Written In Scars
I rarely go mad for singer songwriters but this guy is pretty darn good. Jack Savoretti has been around for a little while now but his new album Written In Scars is excellent. His wonderfully gravelly voice is weighted down with some sweet melodies and harmonies that transcend all of this goodness into a higher level of satisfaction to me. The record is full of lush, expansive instrumentals which sound beautiful no matter what direction they take. There are moments of some heavier sounds but primarily this record sticks to delivering material that stays firmly within the pop spectrum but still, this is a very enjoyable album. Especially the track Back Where I Belong – hot damn.

Moondog Matinee – Carry Me, Rosie
Moondog Matinee deliver some hot, hot blues for their new album Carry Me, Rosie and while it is very American it does let loose on some intense riffs, great melodies and some sweet, sweet sounds. All kinds of ambition are thrown right into your face throughout the record and the result is a severely disfigured smile on your face. This is an excellent record from Moondog Matinee.

Vinyl Suicide – Homeward Bound
Greece continues to bring out a lot of great music this year. Vinyl Suicide are the latest talented bunch to come to my attention and instead of heading down the garage rock/psychedelic route that most of the previous bands threw into my eardrums they instead head down a much more atmospheric, lush direction. If you’re a fan of Wolf Alice then this is the band for you as they display a real talent at producing some gorgeous soundscapes. Only 9 tracks long, but Homeward Bound is a real eye opening, mind mellowing listen. I love it.

Favourite track – Pictures of You

Joanna Newsom – Divers
Joanna Newsom returned to our ears earlier this year with her latest album Divers, and what a lovely little album it was. Instead of being a traditional album about love it focused on the fears that come with trusting and committing to a whole different person. The fear of losing that person at any point, or experiencing any difficulties with them can be quite an overwhelming feeling for some people, and Joanna illustrates it wonderfully on this new album. Her voice is cushioned nicely with some instrumentals that are delicately layered with sweet melodies and all the intricacies in the world. It’s sweet, dark, fierce and emotional all in one – like a storm cloud that needs a hug.

Miami Horror – All Possible Futures
Holy GOD do I feel regret at not reviewing this on time. Miami Horror have been delivering some of the best material for the summer for a little while now and their newest album All Possible Futures is essentially the entire sun crammed into a disc so your eardrums can get a sweet tan. This is a wonderful, wonderful album full of upbeat, catchy and ridiculously feel good pop music that has a tinge of dance and electronic thunder to it. If you’ve heard the excellent Love Like Mine then you should go ahead and check out the rest because it’s so good I just wanna make out with everything in sight.

So there we go! Some more album recommendations for you and your wonderful ears. Take a listen to at least two of them and let me know what you think by leaving a little comment on Facebook or by @’ing me on Twitter. I will certainly reply to you. Love you.

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