Bad Connection by WOOF. | Album Review

WHEN: 20.10.2015
WHERE: Tree Machine Records

Sometimes music is an absolute joy to talk about, and today is one of those days. Tree Machine Records are a wonderful record label who has been very kind and generous to me over the last couple years and right before the holidays they have graciously given me the gift of WOOF. Earlier this year I had some serious love for WOOF.’s WOOF. EP as it had some guitar riffs and material that hit me right in the happy place with the power of a billion smiles, and now I’m hoping the project of Kelan Bonislawski gets me laughing with new album Bad Connection.

From the get go it’s clear why the album’s called Bad Connection. WOOF. delivers a much slower paced, fuzzier sound this time around. This is not a dig on the production it simply appears as if Kelan has decided to throw some telephone interception in amongst his instruments for this record. Infact this whole record sounds a little weird to me. Opening track Mine is backed up with an impressive intro complete with charging drums and an attitude that wants to kick you in the balls but is immediately flooded with a huge wall of distorted, lazily strummed guitars which creates a strange, off-kilter momentum that unfortunately doesn’t quite get things going.

The poppier elements of WOOF.’s sound do make a comeback on the following track Nothing To Say. Happy bubbles of synth set the tone for the instrumental while a simple, catchy guitar riff extends the happiness quota just a tad before making room for additional guitar noises – bringing forth nostalgic memories of WOOF.Once again the bad connection sounds strike as a section of the track becomes infected with this constant buzzing sound, like a bee that’s been taped to the back of your head or something, before finally making way for good, clean guitars to come back. I can’t say I love the interception noises at this point – it does seem to detract from the effort Kelan has put into the music but hopefully we get a new landline before the album’s up.

Ring ring! Ring ring! Hello? Oh hi, how’s it going? Are you serious? Things are getting good again? Great! Okay thanks, see you! Yes that’s right; Bad Connection begins to hit its stride with the track Soybean/Barn Swallow. FINALLY the fuzzy telephone speech takes a backseat and allows the instrumental to do it’s thing, and boy does it do it’s thing. This track is immediately made sexy with the sleek bass and swelling synth which soon becomes home to some out-of-this-world beats, vocals and an excellent pause which signals the start of things getting funky. Ooooh yes, funky. Disco-esque drums coincide with on point basslines which lays down a magnificent amount of cardboard for the guitars to show off their best breakdance moves all over it. This track hits hard, grooves hard and suddenly here I am sitting here all…satisfied. Great track.

Fortunately the duration of Bad Connection maintains the form of Soybean/Barn Swallow and turns things around in a big way. WOOF. delivers much more of his off-kilter pop/rock music and shows that he still knows how to create a good set of instrumentals. I possibly did not enjoy this record as much as the EP but it does show some signs of progression and well, you can’t fault that. For more music reviews, free downloads and send me pictures of your dogs check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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