Broken Parts by Foolish Atoms | Track Review

WHEN: 14.10.2015
WHERE: Adult Teeth Recording Company

Adult Teeth is a wonderful record label from Hull here in the UK. We’ve had this little thing going on for around a year now I believe and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it – I really hope they propose soon. They offer some of the most eclectic pop and rock music around and for the most part it sounds real good. Soon they will be releasing Earth and Ash – the third album from alternative four piece Foolish Atoms but until then, we have Broken Parts to listen to.

The second single to come from Earth and Ash is a real lo-fi, surf-rock tune that brings forth a lot of old school vibes and a whole lot of similarities to The Compulsive Gamblers’ hit Stop & Think It Over. Thick walls of distorted guitars fill the airwaves alongside a fairly standard, simple drum beat which Foolish Atoms do a great job at decorating by throwing a whole lot of additional melodies and hooks at it. The vocals in particular sound wonderful and project a whole lot of passionate delivery making it a little easier to fall in love with this song. It’s such a well-rounded, beautiful song that I can’t help but play it over and over and over again.

Stream Broken Parts below and look out for Foolish Atoms’ third album Earth and Ash on November 9th via Adult Teeth. For more music reviews, free downloads and love check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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