Broken Spirit Desert Nightmare by Slow Death Lights | EP Review

WHEN: 01.08.2015

When I was a young, impressionable kid Stoner Rock was the first genre I ever got seriously into. I was 14 and had dabbled in the likes of Guns N Roses, Metallica, Megadeth etc before Queens of the Stone Age came along and blew my little mind and converted me into a fan bordering on creepy, obsessive levels of adoration. This conversion meant that I had to know everything about QOTSA’s roots and thus, a stoner rock fan was born. Kyuss, Nebula, Brant Bjork all blew me away while the likes of Fu Manchu and Clutch kept me pretty entertained until a couple years passed and LCD Soundsystem came along to let me know that hey, this whiteboy likes to dance, and so my obsessive desire to stick within the genre lessened for good. It does get me excited to discover that the genre still exists to this day – and the modern day stuff does sound pretty good too. Slow Death Lights are a four piece from Canada and this is their latest EP Broken Spirit Desert Nightmare, and it was produced with the help of Brant Bjork – so it’s surely gotta be good.

Just two tracks long, Broken Spirit Desert Nightmare does offer a brief insight into the sound of Slow Death Lights but fortunately both of them sound good enough to give us a pretty good insight. Dirty Chores is a heavy track boosted with intense riffs and thunderous drums which bleeds through a whole ton of groove. Some sweet lead guitar licks the instrumental and the band really come into their own as they use this freshly-wet sound to drive the track home with a huge amount of momentum and gusto. They do also allow it to take a couple seconds to grab some air which adds some desert dust to the atmosphere before tearing off back down the highway again to finally reach it’s destination of knocking your face off. A great song.

The Watermill ends things off with a heavier instrumental that’s composed of more riffage but comes with a nice thick side of bass to add some extra hard edged thunder to the mix. Once again Slow Death Lights pack some groove and hooks into their sound and lyrics which helps balance out the Kyuss/Metallica-like direction with some little reasons to shake your hips to this track. It’s nicely done as the track succeeds at maintaining all of the momentum and high standards that Dirty Chores brought – while also adding some variety to the EP too.

Broken Spirit Desert Nightmare is a good little EP from Slow Death Lights. The sound brings forth a lot of intensity and great instrumentals which is backed up with a natural groove and hooks that could have you coming back to it forever. Great EP, though I do wish it was a little longer. Stream the EP below, and for more music reviews, free downloads and stories of how I could into music check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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