Aphelion by The Noise Figures | Album Review

WHEN: 28.09.2015
WHERE: Inner Ear Records

Y’know, Greece is responsible for some damn good music lately. It could simply be down to Inner Ear Records filtering out all the bad stuff in order to promote the good stuff but there has been some really good music coming out of that area of the planet in recent years. The Cave Children, Stella, Film all appear on the record label and now there’s one more addition – The Noise Figures. Having caused a storm with their debut album two years ago, the hard rock duo have kinda taken a little time off to chill before heading back into the studio to create a strong follow up. Fortunately Aphelion is here, and it is strong. (Honourable mentions to the likes of MOAN, Leon Of Athens and Deaf Radio – they’re also from Greece and they are all badass too).

If you like your music to be heavy with a whole load of distorted attitude then Aphelion is something you should check out. Shoot the Moon kicks things off with a thick, fuzzy riff flooding the airwaves against a pummelling drum beat and vocals that drag their way through it all. Psychedelic vibes hit hard as the instrumental washes over your ear drums to create a hazy episode that seemingly plays on loop in your mind – it’s an awesome feeling. The Noise Figures end this trip by cranking up the tempo just a tad to deliver a closing section that hits harder than Hurricane Patricia (topical) and causes you to get harder. A great start to the record.

Variety does let loose on Aphelion which allows The Noise Figures to focus their heavy sound down some different avenues. In The Boneyard delivers another hard hitting performance whereas Run has a real Chuck Berry, 50’s Rock N Roll tempo to it which comes as a welcome surprise. The title track takes us back to the psychedelic journey experienced previously and throws some extra spotlight to the bass this time round, and Holy One sounds like something The Hives could have delivered in their heyday. Great track. All this variation does mix up momentum but when you’ve got songs as good as these momentum is the least of our worries when you’ve got everybody dancing.

Aphelion is a great album from The Noise Figures. They have defeated the second-album-slump by punching it right in the face with fists made of stone and thunder and heavy, heavy riffs. There’s all kinds of things going on throughout the record and it excels and making it all sound really, really good. Great album, I love Greece. For more music reviews, free downloads and discussions on Greece check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.



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