Wigourney Seaver by Figures | Track Review

WHEN: 26.10.2015
WHERE: Unravel EP – 16.11.2015

One of the perks of being a reviewer/journalist/writer/guy-who-releases-sentences-to-the-internet is the connections you make with fellow people-who-release-sentences-to-the-internet, record labels and most important/cool, bands. I am Facebook friends with two members of the band Figures, a three piece band from my wonderful county of Essex, and by association that immediately brings me up to at least the top 100 of the coolest people you know who might have written this sentence. Result.

Figures dabble in the sounds of post-punk and prog-rock and very soon they will be releasing their debut Unravel EP halfway through November. As we’re still stuck in October we can’t all be enjoying the sounds of it just yet (spoilers: it’s pretty darn good) but what I can do is throw words that describe the sound of Wigourney Seaver at you, which should quench your thirst pretty rather nicely. This is the opening track from Unravel and it is most definitely not named after an actress or is the strange, laboratory experiment gone wrong result of attempting to clone said actress.

Offering percussion that’s catchy, groove-tinged basslines and guitars that boast a whole load of melodies and volume this experiment has created some sort of magnificently rhythmic monster. The verses are led brilliantly by the rhythm section against the vocals which spit out hook after hook after hook, turning your eardrums into some sort of punching bag for hooks. The chorus is a big booming moment of clarity as Figures add a little extra fuzz and riffage to their instrumental – transitioning Wigourney Seaver from a melodic little sweetheart into a melodic little sweetheart with fire in her belly. Or a chestburster in her chest, one might say.

Wigourney Seaver is a great track and is definitely one that will last far longer than a simple introduction from Figures. It has all of the tools to make a great impression but also give you the notion that you probably wanna becomes best friends with it in the future. Connection is a beautiful thing, and I think we’ve all found a new friendship in Figures with this track. Plus Alien is a badass film. Look out for Figures’ debut EP Unravel on November 16th and for more music reviews, interviews and references to films check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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