Nothing But Thieves by Nothing But Thieves | Album Review

WHEN: 16.10.2015
WHERE: RCA Records

It seems every year there’s always one band that comes from nowhere to suddenly become rock’s new face for the UK Mainstream. Two years we had Arctic Monkeys’ triumphantly fly the flag, last year was Royal Blood and this year it seems the honour has gone towards Nothing But Thieves. The five piece (from Southend-On-Sea, reppin’ Essex woo woo) have attracted a ton of attention over the past year thanks to some stellar singles in the form of Trip Switch and Wake Up Call and a couple months back they absolutely rocked the NME Stage at Reading Festival. Now they have released their debut album and goodness me, it sure is a doozy.

The aforementioned singles fortunately make up the majority of the sound of Nothing But Thieves. Some intense rock riffs are flung all over the place and for the most part they deliver some of the best material on the record as tracks such as the opener Excuse Me and Ban All The Music kick off a superb way to introduce yourself to the mainstream. The opener also introduces the wonderful falsetto of frontman Conor Mason which was a true delight to hear at Reading Fest. Another side that comes out is what I like to call the Suits’ side of Nothing But Thieves as I’m pretty sure I heard it in an episode one time – the slower-paced, emotive sound that retracts a lot of the guitars out and replaces it with an atmosphere that immediately builds and tugs at the heartstrings like the end of Bambi or something. This sound can be heard during the chorus of Wake Up Call but goodness me it comes out in full force on two particular tracks.

Lover, Please Stay is a melody-led ballad that strips back the instrumentation and leaves a bare-bones performance that is skeletal but full of wonderful vocals and effective melodies which bring it to life in the most wonderful way. A beautiful song. The other is Tempt You (Evocatio) which closes out the record with another lovely slice of sadness to keep us connected to Nothing But Thieves for just that little bit longer.

Nothing But Thieves is a statement from a new band that is ready to take the mainstream by storm and they have the balls to do it. The amount of riffage that happens throughout is deadly and no matter how much we try to avoid it we can’t help but stare right at the balls. Dangling dominantly in the air. This is an awesome freaking record, and well, thanks for flying the flag Nothing But Thieves. For more music reviews, free downloads and dangling balls check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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