Dazzler by The Noise | Track Review

WHEN: 18.09.2015

Everybody everywhere has a little bit of ambition in themselves. You cannot deny that everything you see people do is fuelled by at least an ounce of the stuff. A kid who wants to study and learn his wiener off to become better equipped for the future is an ambitious little rascal. A dog who roams the field looking for sticks which drops each accomplishment in order to hold a bigger stick is an ambitious little rascal. A best friend who gets hit by a car, has surgery that day and manages to go home the next morning is an ambitious freaking badass (Shoutout to CM/MY right here). Ambition is everywhere and people like to strive using it – but not a lot of people strive to dazzle.

Dazzling is an entirely different ballgame in the “bettering ourselves” scheme of things when compared to ambition. It only occurs when you do something as a person and manage to do it really well the first time. When you become that dog who immediately grabs the biggest stick in the field then no doubt you’re gonna have people who go “well shit, I’m dazzled.” This is what Transylvanian four piece The Noise are looking to achieve with their second single Dazzler and well, I admire their ambition.

Bringing indie pop into my eardrums is a sure-fire way to get me to feel a little bit attracted to you, and Dazzler brings a certain quality that not only stuffs the ears with that upbeat goodness but throws a whole load of glitter in there too. Sweet, sweet melodies are given the time to envelop your entire face while fast paced drums deliver some nice beats to create a mask of musical thunder for your pretty little head. The Noise pack this track with all kinds of hooks and breakdowns to give it the best possible chance of blowing you away – and fortunately it succeeds. A very entertaining song, I guess all that’s left to say is well shit, I’m dazzled. For more music reviews, free downloads and glitter bombs check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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