An Interview With | The Strzebonksy Noizescene

Welcome to another edition of An Interview With! Today’s interview is with The Strzebonksy Noizescene, a Belgian duo who delivered some heavy, heavy music with their new album Exploding Head Syndrome not too long ago. Have a little read, have a little listen and have a whole lot of enjoyment. For more music reviews, free downloads and interviews check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

Hey The Strzebonksy Noizescene, how’s it going? Hey Adam! Everything is fine here in Belgium. We are preparing for an important rock rally right know and are also selected for a big contest on one of the biggest radio stations here in Belgium. So you can say we’re happy with what’s going on right now.

Could you tell us all about how The Strzebonksy Noizescene came to be? And how you came up with that name? Well Bert and I have been friends for a long time. He is playing drums since forever and when I picked up the base when I was 19, we just started jamming together. This appeared to be very fun for the both of us and that’s about how we started. And up till now we’re still 2 friends having loads of fun playing our music on stage! And the name, well yeah, we know it’s not the most practical band name ever, but it’s just who we are, different from the general 4-piece rock band. And Strzebonsky appears to be a Polish last name, the Noizescene speaks for itself I suppose!

Your new album Exploding Head Syndrome is badass. It’s very heavy too, was this a direction you guys wanted to head into for this new record or has it always been your sound? We’ve always head this “very heavy” sound. I think this is mainly because I like(d) to listen to metalcore and hardcore bands as well. They all have this brutal heavy sound, so I kind of always liked it that way. Over the years we added some more electronics, drum pads, samples etc. But the “heavy sound” will always stay the very heart of every song we’ll every write.

What’s the music scene like in Belgium? This is a hard question. Belgium is a very small country and even then we are “divided” into a Dutch part and a French part. Makes no sense to me, but even for a Flemish band like us, it’s hard to reach the other part of the country. Let alone other countries. I think that in Belgium we need a bigger ‘dirty rock scene’ where we can fit in.

What’s next for The Strzebonksy Noizescene? Touring, new material etc?We’re focussing on getting signed at a management agency and on the more ‘bigger’ club shows at the moment. We’ve also got some important shows coming up, so we need to sound hella tight with the new album. New material is no focus at the moment, but you never know when ideas start to flow!

Be honest, did you name your album after us? Haha Unfortunately no, but without the album we would never have found you so thank god for that!

What TV show are you currently into right now? I’m obsessed with Suits at the moment. I’m not really following a TV Show at the moment, I don’t know if Bert does. And I must be honest, I’ve never even seen a second of Suits or shows like Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones. So yeah, I’m a newbie when it comes to TV shows!

Finally, if you could make one elusive little comment to bring this interview to a close, what would it be? Keep it raw ‘nd dirty!

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