Slows To Go by Co-pilgrim | Album Review

WHEN: 16.10.2015
WHERE: Battle Worldwide Recordings

Productivity is something that comes either naturally to people or doesn’t come around at all. Personally I find that I’m often chasing to catch some in order to write and usually I end up too tired to do anything with it once I’ve grabbed it, turning me into some kind of productive procrastinator or something. Anyway Co-Pilgrim are a band who have productivity figuratively oozing out of their creative souls as they have just released their new record Slows To Go, their third record (fourth overall) in just as many years. Crazy. I absolutely fell in love with their previous album Plumes last year thanks to its sunny instrumentals coinciding nicely against my desire to get into John Green books. I cannot think of the record without thinking of Paper Towns and The Fault In Our Stars but nevermind. It makes the books even more enjoyable at least.

Slows To Go follows much of Plumes’  lush, fuzzy sound but throws another blanket on top to allow it to snuggle up and become extra warm and sleepy. There’s a definite downturn in mood which fits in nicely with the winter transition and the result is another Co-Pilgrim record that’s solid and nice enough to enjoy with a loved one. The poppy sensibilities don’t shine through until the third track on the album You Come Over, You Go delivers a sweet melody alongside an up-tempo drum beat and acoustic chords which brings me right back to being nose deep inside John Green once again (that sounds way worse than I imagined). This is another track that showcases Co-Pilgrim’s natural ability to perform a genuinely wonderful pop tune while packing it full of an uplifting atmosphere and sweet little hooks that make me wanna cuddle it forever.

Floods Of Tears reveals Co-Pilgrim dabbling in a little bit of vocal harmony as the chords take a slight step back and allow the voices to do the talking, resulting in another slow-tempo stroll down this dreamy road the band have found themselves on for their fourth record. Things do pick up towards the end as they find the accelerator and get the instruments to drive right into a big distorted river of holy fuck. This is a great track from Co-Pilgrim and another example of their ability to deliver some great material that hits the five/six minute mark too.

The highlight of the record has to be She’s Finally Here. Co-Pilgrim fully embrace the happier side of their sound by producing an instrumental that could become the best friend of The Beatles’ most poppy material as they layer the track with all kinds of melodies, harmonies and hooks to make it the most accessible onion imaginable. A wonderful track right here and it emits a delightful ray of sunshine amongst the slightly depressed, wintery sounds of Slows To Go.

Overall Slows To Go doesn’t necessarily bring forth the level of accessibility and immediate impact as Plumes does but it does a great job at keeping all of the fans brought in by it’s predecessor satisfied by offering it a cuddle and a nice cup of tea to warm their chilly little shoulders. Co-pilgrim are now at a point where they’re comfortable with their sound and Slows To Go is a record that offers a whole lot of reasons to get comfortable with them. For more music reviews, free downloads and interviews check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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