Demolisten by Greenout | EP Review

WHEN: 26.09.2015

Friends are great and it’s the most adorable thing in the world when they go “hey I made this!” and show you it with a level of happiness that’s displayed via the medium of having the most beamiest smile in the world on their lovely little face. Greenout is a dear friend of mine (how’s it going man?) and this is his collection of demos called Demolisten EP. It took me a couple minutes to get the pun.

Greenout featured as one of the five artists who turned a standard lovely week on Exploding Head Syndrome into one of the best weeks for the site as #MovementMovement took over and produced one of the most memorable moments of my life as a guy-who-writes-about-music. If you hadn’t checked out the review of his two tracks then you wouldn’t know that he is an artist who likes to dabble in hip hop instrumentals. Badass right? I know.  If you like your hip hop instrumentals to delve into the shadier side of the music spectrum then Demolisten is an EP you should probably check out.

Creepy confirms the ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ last sentence with a title that speaks volumes as it delivers an instrumental that is full of layers upon layers of percussion which stalks unsuspecting eardrums before striking with a meandering synth that repeats over and over, incessantly beating you over the head with the idea that this actually sounds pretty freaking good. Fortunately things get a little easier to handle as So Imaginative washes over all that ominous, unnerving Greenout was bringing to the table previously with a manner that says “hey, I’m sorry for being a little bit weird before, please forgive me?”

Things take a turn for the popular as I’m Intact drops a beat that could get this white boy dancin’. A huge amount of bass and percussion throw themselves in to the synths to add some necessary wind right into caution’s wind and the result is something that could indeed be heard on the dancefloor. Nice little surprise here! This does make way for the closing track Vague which restores the EP’s quota back to delivering some slow paced, laid back beats before calmly slipping into bed and falling to sleep forever.

Demolisten is a great collection of demos which reveal a ton of talent and potential out of a very promising producer. Greenout is pretty darn nifty at creating some interesting beats which some might argue has been missing from the hip hop genre lately. Stream it in its entirety and for more music reviews, free downloads and interviews check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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