Zipper Down by Eagles Of Death Metal | Album Review

WHEN: 02.10.2015
WHERE: T-Boy Records

To the male readers of Exploding Head Syndrome – you know that feeling of blue balls? Yeah, it sucks doesn’t it? Imagine spending the last seven years of your life burdened by the insatiable ache of blue balls. This is what I’ve had to live with ever since hearing the wonderful sounds of Heart On way back in 2008, but finally I can ejaculate musical satisfaction. Eagles of Death Metal are a hard rock band obsessed with getting the ladies to shake their hips and the men to shake their dicks and this is their new album Zipper Down. It’s not just a notion; it’s a way of life.

Lead single Complexity kicks off the record by announcing all the things you’re going to hear from it: straight up riffs, hot licks and delectable hooks This is then confirmed by follow up song Silverlake (K.S.O.F.M.) which struts its way into the airwaves via a slick bass line and even slicker guitar riff. Jesse Hughes’ vocals sync up nicely with the beat and there’s something very Rick James-y about the pre chorus. This is a straight up jam of a song and it sounds really, really good. It’s kinda like that one person you’re envious of because you watch them succeed at charming every single person they meet but you end up taking your trousers off for them anyway. Got A Woman then follows suit with a performance that sounds like Heart On’s Secret Plans only with a much harder dick, and it sounds awesome.

One aspect of Zipper Down that’s pretty cool is that it grabs songs and efforts from (extreme EODM fan warning here) demos and Jesse Hughes’ solo Boots Electric album which results in the two song combo of I Love You All The Time and Oh Girl. The former is a sincere attempt of a sleazy rockstar sounding sweet which amongst the distorted riffs, melodies and slight lo-fi quality does come off as being pretty genuine too. Hughes’ lays down some very nice vocals and sounds for this track, but it’s not until Oh Girl that we reach the first true Eagles of Death Metal ballad. A huge wall of guitar riffage and melody fills the air with an unbelievably anthemic intro before slipping straight into a bluegrass-y verse that sounds straight out of Peace, Love, Death Metal. Hughes’ vocals are at their best here, and EODM deliver one of the strongest choruses of the record here. Fantastic song.

Falsetto hits the stage for the feel good hit that makes up Got The Power which I’m pretty steals the riff of Search And Destroy and throws some glitter all over it. My personal highlight has to be Skin-Tight Boogie because it strolls in and immediately turns everything into a porno and suddenly I’m in the nude and am trying to keep my boner together. This track has rhythm in its firm grasp and the female vocal section followed by the pornstar guitar is oh so sexy. Love it.

The Deuce brings us back to the debut with some clean guitar riffs snugged between Whorehoppin’ and English Girl while Homme and Hughes combine their voices together nicely to create another groovy hit. Things then become next level as the band deliver what’s easily their greatest cover yet as they perform a version of Duran Duran’s Save A Prayer that combines all of the superb poppy material with the deep rooted groove of EODM. The result is one hell of a surprise but one fantastic, fantastic cover. Excellent track.

The Reverend closes things off with one last final dance before silence descends and I’m left reaching for the tissuebox. EODM do a great job at throwing all kinds of energy and gospel quality into this track which I’m sure would make the recently-made-a-reverend Jesse Hughes proud. It’s a classic way to close out what has been an excellent album from start to finish.

Zipper Down took years to get here but goodness me am I glad it finally came out. From start to finish Eagles of Death Metal take you on a journey that gets you loose with desire and drunk with rhythm. The amount of groove that’s embedded within this album is ridiculous and this white boy has had a great time trying to dance along to it. This is for sure the best Eagles of Death Metal yet and easily one of the best of the year. Fantastic album, shit goddamn. For more music reviews, free downloads and interviews check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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