L.A. Plays Itself by YACHT | Track Review

WHEN: 24.09.2015
WHERE: Downtown Records

Goodness me it’s going to be a very danceable week for Exploding Head Syndrome. The weather is sunny and I think that sunniness is piercing through my cold, flu-heavy exterior and getting my hips excited. L.A. Plays Itself is the new single from YACHT, who I’m sure you’ll be familiar with if you heard their wonderful Where Does This Disco? EP last year. If not then you are a silly person and have been missing out on some of the best dance music to be heard in a while.

Much like their track Works Like Magic this new single uses deep-rooted bass to project a beat that is gnarly but gritted with the desire to make you dance. This combined with the drums and synth creates a disco that is bound to be loaded with lasers and colours and a whole lot of people having a good time. The female vocals direct L.A. Plays Itself into its highlights such as the chorus which somehow manages to reach out to an even higher level of funk, which I thought wasn’t possible. The track is infectious from start to finish and whooo-wee, it’s left me hot and sweaty.

Check out the video to L.A. Plays Itself below, and look out for YACHT’s new album I Thought The Future Was Cooler sometime soon. For more music reviews, free downloads and the chance to dance your little socks off check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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