Plant the Seed by The Winachi Tribe | Track Review

WHEN: 25.09.2015
WHERE: AM1 Records

Forming tribes can usually be a tricky thing. Society likes to throw some shade towards people who make tribes and call them cultists or something but when you’re making a tribe dedicated to making music that gets people dancing then please let me in. The Winachi Tribe are a collective of musicians who have played with a whole load of different artists and together they have released their second single from the Time For Love EP titled Plant The Seed. I often get told to plant the seed but I always refuse – at least buy me dinner first.

As mentioned up there The Winachi Tribe are dedicated to getting people moving and that dedication is heard through every nook and cranny of Plant The Seed. The beat is immediately introduced as this low hanging, deep rooted shadow which exists inside thunderous bass and electric drums, creating a simple but danceable rhythm section. Hints of guitar come through to add an extra layer of groove to the mix and the vocals really add all of the cherries on top. Male and female vocals contribute to the track throughout and switch flawlessly which adds some sick dynamics to it, and the Tribe pack it full of hooks that can stick to any surface. Plant The Seed is an awesome track and once again, please let me in to your tribe guys. Stream the track below, and for more music reviews, free downloads and interviews check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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