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An Interview With is a semi-regular series we hold on Exploding Head Syndrome in which I allow other people to dominate the words for a day or so. I love this series so much as it allows me to shut up for a tiny bit and enables somebody else to open up too. Today’s edition of An Interview With features Gorilla Punch Radio, a totally badass band who blew me away with their debut No Retreat not too long ago. I highly recommend listening to the track and enjoying all of those punches the face that guitar riff throws your way. Enjoy the interview too, and if you yourself would fancy having a Word document thrown your way then just hit me up at and we can become best friends. Love you.
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Hey Gorilla Punch Radio, how’s it going? Hello Exploding head syndrome, it’s going well thank you, how are you?

How did Gorilla Punch Radio come about? I know you used to be in another band (Titans Troubadours) so what made you wish to start anew?Well there was a lot of creative friction in the Troubs and it was frustrating because with me being the guitar player I wasn’t allowed to write lyrics and we just weren’t writing as much as I would have liked, we’d toured loads and I had all these ideas that I’d started demoing on my laptop and I just decided that this was the way I wanted to go. Stefan and I had been working on various things together and I knew I wanted him on board and I found Elliot via his production website.

Where did you get the name of the band from? It’s badass.Me and my friend Sam Jackson (the guitarist from Humans as Ornaments) were sitting in a bar and he asked me “What does GPRS stand for?” for some reason my immediate response was “Gorilla Punch Radio Station” after removing the Station part from the name it was sorted. I figured it worked for our sound because it’s big and aggressive, I like having an animal in the title too and a Gorilla I think is a good animal to represent our sound.

Talk to us about your debut single No Retreat. Was it a song you’ve had for a while or something entirely new? Why did you choose that as your first single? It was entirely new, I came up with the riff and knew it was a winner straight away; it had everything: urgency, aggression, power and I could just picture a massive crowd bouncing around beating the shit out of each other to it. It seemed like a great track to introduce ourselves with since the lyrics are defiant and about facing overwhelming odds which seems to be the case in the music industry these days. How do you compete with the Justin Beiber’s of this world eh?! Well I’d love to meet him and shove this track down his fucking throat! I think the music industry is letting people down today; kids are growing up listening to Nicki Minaj and thinking that it’s good music. I wish more labels would take a chance on bands, I think the demand is massive, just look at Royal Blood, they’re killing it and their success isn’t based on taking their clothes off, RATM being voted to number 1 over X-factor, people are ready for a huge rock band to come and tare the arse end out of music, it happens every decade or so like a cleansing. Sorry got carried away there. But yea ‘No Retreat’ is like a big middle finger to all that bollocks and just anything you’re mad about, next time someone tells you that you can’t do something just play it really fucking loud and go prove them wrong!

What’s next for Gorilla Punch Radio? New singles, debut EP, debut album?Either an EP or an album we’ll have to see what happens, we’ve got 2 songs demoed at the moment and so we’ll be spending some time writing and choosing the best stuff to take into the studio. I want to make a killer video for the next release and plan a UK tour; I’d like to see loads of people coming together at our shows, getting involved, venting some energy and expressing some passion. That’s the main thing with Rock shows, everyone can just get together and let their inner freaks out, you know the side of yourself you have to hide all week at work because your boss says it creeps out the customers haha, like it’s wrong to drink from the toilet or something?

What are you currently watching on TV? I’m loving the hell out of Suits lately. Re-runs of classic Coronation Street.

Finally, if you had to make one elusive little comment to bring this interview to a close, what would it be? “The human spirit is still alive” – Bodhi – 1991

Thank you so hard to Gorilla Punch Radio and Paul James for the interview. I’m excited to hear how the band do over the next year and cannot wait to hear more material from them soon. For more music reviews, interviews and making friends with people check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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