Escapists by The Autumn Stones | Album Review

WHEN: 07.07.2015

The Autumn Stones are a band from Canada and this is their second full length album titled Escapists. These guys like to dabble in the genres of dream pop and post-punk, creating what I can only imagine to be a sky of clouds who are all going through their kinda-emo-kinda-I don’t care-phase right now. Trust me clouds, the long hair is not a good look and you definitely shouldn’t try to force yourself to like Bring Me The Horizon. As the album came out way back in July you may have already heard it so this is just for all of you who haven’t, as you are pretty silly people.

Time Is A River kicks off the record with a wonderful 80s mod-rock vibe complete with scatty drumbeats and wandering basslines and horns that swell to the size of the ocean. Anytime a horn is heard it makes me very happy, and this is the case as the light hearted vocal delivery pairs up nicely with the airy performance of the horns and the spacious instrumentation. This is a great little track full of energetic outbursts and yeah, it sounds good. The six minute wonder that is End Of Faith starts off as a rhythmic experience as a sweet bassline fills in the gaps and gets me dancing like there’s no tomorrow. The horns are allowed to do their thing throughout and once again, it sounds good.

Spirit Shadows is a fast paced sprint across the dancefloor as a palm muted melody sets things off with a catchy, slightly off kilter intro before The Autumn Stones decide to let loose and throw all of their instruments into it. This track is noisy and hits hard with riffs upon riffs falling over eachother like some sort of sweaty orgy, and I’m so glad I could be a part of it. This sets up for the appropriately titled Ooh La La which turns things all sexy and hazy, as if now the sweaty orgy has to start cuddling one another and cease the naughtiness for a minute or two before slipping right inside eachother for another round of hot loving – this time full of passion and love. This is easily my favourite track from Escapists and I am definitely going to bring it with me for all future orgies from now on. Excellent.

Escapists is a lovely little album The Autumn Stones. The band combines all of the nostalgic goodness from the 80s and combines it with an energy and creativity that throws it straight back into the modern times, creating a record that is enjoyable from start to finish. I agree with Nikki of EatKS and I’m not afraid to say it again…I love The Autumn Stones. For more music reviews, free downloads and invitations to sweaty orgies check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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