Good Morning by Girl Friend | Track Review

WHEN: 14.09.2015
WHERE: Tri-Tone

Cue fangirling. Manchester based pop synth band Girl Friend have returned once again with another offering this year. Having already left me breathless and satisfied with their Arrive Alone, Leave Alone EP earlier this year and nearly killing me with oversaturation with Poison they have now come back with Good Morning. I don’t think I can handle the satisfaction anymore.

Offering much more of the seductive synths and disco drum beats, Good Morning takes things into a more 90s dance direction. A nostalgic pulsating synth dominates the chorus and the vocals once again meander their way through pitches and sounds to deliver a performance that is full of hooks and full good vibes. This track has numerous layers of sound mushed together to create another reason why you should dance with the person you’re into, and now this time also gives you a reason to stick around the next day. Awesome.

Good Morning is another solid effort from Girl Friend who continue to give me many sonic orgasms throughout the year like a travelling lover or something. If all of these tracks end up on a debut album or a new EP next year then I am going to be one happy chappy. Stream the track below, and for more music reviews, interviews and reasons to dance with the people you love then check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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