Breaking Bad by MOAN | EP Review

WHEN: Sometime in July

Sometimes all I need to get off is good music, and this case of good music comes straight from the mouth of Greece. Athens based band MOAN are here with their newest EP Breaking Bad, and with moan being a very sexy word (in the right situations) and them referencing one of the best TV shows of all time I am more than a little bit seduced by them. If you like the music from Breaking Bad, in which it provided a suitably cloudy pillow for the drug-induced atmosphere then you are certainly going to like the sounds of Breaking Bad.

The title track kicks off the EP with a real old school sound as slinky guitar chords are drawn out on top of up tempo drum beats and a bassline that’s as smooth as the female vocals. There’s a real distinctive voice crooning out these lyrics which has an interesting child-like tone to it but it does appear to fit in with the instrumental very well. This track struts its way through the airwaves at its own pace and I cannot help but be mesmerised by it, it’s like a real charming person or something. A nice way to kick off the EP.

Trapped Between Her Hips slips into place without any hint of pause like a veteran of the airwaves. The title is one of the sexiest I’ve ever seen and the track itself is one of the sexiest I’ve ever heard too. Goodness me. MOAN once again take this strutting attitude out for a walk and end up heading towards a very satisfied listener. Beautiful melodies are delivered amongst hot and heavy guitar riffs that leave me feeling more than hot under the collar. The climax is a great big sonic eruption of sound that caps off one very well crafted performance. Goodness me, I need to lie down for a second.

Primal drums conduct the way in which you should move on the track Hairband which heads down a much heavier route with some slick guitar riffs taking over proceedings which can also be said for closing track Weather, which ends things on a very high note with one final round of steamy musical sex before departing for good.

Breaking Bad is one hell of an EP from MOAN. It’s four tracks designed to get you to enjoy the music while taking off your clothes simultaneously. It’s very raw, confident, ballsy and downright naughty. I think I’ve found a new soundtrack to get down too. Great EP. For more music reviews, interviews and invitations to hook up check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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