PM by XPrime | EP Review


Some people take this reviewing bizniz a little too seriously. Some reviewers appear to have formed an ego and believe that their words are somehow more important than the music itself, which is kinda lame. Anybody can go around and type some words on a screen and publish it so why be a dick about it? Anyway, I like to have a little bit of fun with this bizniz and very much enjoy it when bands and labels and friends reciprocate. It gets things a little steamy, and it does things to me downstairs. Canadian band XPrime certainly left me hot and heavy after sending me some hot nudes, and fortunately their newest EP PM is pretty darn seductive too.

If you’re a fan of Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand then you can definitely be looking forward to hearing XPrime deliver some riffs that are LACED with groove. Opening track All To Myself struts its way into the airwaves with a palm muted riff that provides enough space for you to look good dancing. The drums contribute a nice disco-y beat and additional guitar noises and solos are thrown in to get things feeling a little heated. It’s a great little song and the amount of melodies that come through the vocals is astounding, this is dead good.

However things hit their best with second track Ambedo thundering into place with a riff that is absolutely storming. Upbeat guitar chords are strum to keep things light and bouncy and the band join forces to deliver a vocal performance that sounds exactly like how a sunny day should sound. It’s an uplifting track, and it tickles me right in the heartstrings. XPrime follow this up with Dance Tonight which is like candy to the dancefloor. Guitar riffs aplenty and a slick drum beat provide a fantastic instrumental for some of the best vocal hooks on the EP. Fantastic song.

I Can’t Take No More also provides another dance-y instrumental but while the band repeatedly asks “What’s the point in living for?” it’s clear that the point is to dance because that’s exactly what’s happening to me right now. So good. Lipstick Cigarette heads down a much more bluesy root as it delivers a very sleek intro before making way for another silky smooth instrumental, and closing track This Time rounds things up with one final display of feel good happiness.

PM is a fantastic EP from XPrime. It’s enjoyable from start to finish thanks to some excellent grooves and riffs and melodies and hooks and its ability to make you feel good with each track. I’ve already seen what the band look like naked and now they’ve wooed me through their music – I think I might have to sleep with them. For more music reviews, free downloads and please be my best friends XPrime check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebookand Twitter.

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