Burn Together by Many Things | Album Review

WHEN: 04.09.2015
WHERE: Dew Process

A couple months back I checked out Burn Together by Many Things and very much enjoyed it. Aside from feeling a little concerned over their possible arsonist adventures I really liked how anthemic and grand the band made their sound, and how much synth-y goodness they threw into their instrumentals too. Finally their debut album Burn Together is out and it is quite a doozy, which I believe I said at the end of the review for the single too. 2spoopy.

Lead single Holy Fire kicks things off with seven minutes of pure exploration and adventure. It’s practically retelling the story of The Goonies as it meanders its way through the airwaves through a medium of synth, percussion and passion. Intensity builds up through waves upon waves of synthesiser that cut through rocks of drum beats before the song eventually bursts into this wonderful display of aquatic thunder. This is then followed up by the much shorter Dear One which is a lovely little pop tune complete with upbeat piano melodies and more of the uplifting drums + synth we’ve heard from Many Things.

This proves that Many Things are pretty good when it comes to creating songs that extend in length or come in to drop a couple little bubbles of joy before disappearing, and this is seen through the tracklisting of Burn Together. Tracks such as Alpha Romeo and I Won’t Run Away From Love act as the shorter bursts of sound which go down really well thanks to some excellent beats that are made even more excellent thanks to the superb production quality. So while these tracks get the fun of hyping everybody up it does allow the longer tracks such as Chains and Paranoid People Meet Me In The Middle to lay down a couple sombre moments of clarity as Many Things draw the melodies out to great effect.

My personal highlight has to be Some Things Last Forever. This is a track that combines the higher tempo that Dear One and Alpha Romeo delivered with the drawn out emotional ride that the others displayed, resulting in something that not only tickles the heartstrings but also gets you dancing in a really nice way too. The larger than life instrumental sounds like something straight out of a M83 record but it’s graced with easily the best vocal performance on the album. It’s awesome.

Burn Together is a great album and the start of what’s sure to be a promising career for Many Things. They have absolutely nailed their sound and it’s clear that they are confident with throwing it into all kinds of directions. The material is beautiful in places and catchy in others, completing a record that is very well rounded and pretty great throughout. For more music reviews, free downloads and things burning check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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