Careless + Trappers by HelloHavard | Track(s) Review


Sometimes all you need to have a good day is a groove. You may have woken up completely covered in bodily fluids but all it takes (after drying yourself off and possibly showering) is to have a good freaking walk down the street in order to have a good time. Personally I cannot dance for shit but at least people can tell I’m having fun simply from the amount of flailing my limbs are doing. Anyway HelloHavard are a duo from Canada and very soon they will be releasing an EP. This makes me very excited because the two tracks they provided to my eardrums had me flailing like there’s no tomorrow.

Careless is a quick little pop tune with a chaotic amount of percussion going on alongside melodies that slip and slide their way into your groove-tingling crevices all night long, creating something that almost forces you to hang out on the dancefloor. Silky vocals cherry on top of this glorious musical cake and there’s even references to Star Wars – every nerd’s dream. The track boasts a confidence in its ability to breakdown and delivers some additional rhythms that hit big in a tremendous way. Great song.

Trappers also follows suit in that it sounds really bloody catchy. It kicks things off with a simple drum beat that immediately sinks deep into the hips before HelloHavard incorporate some sweet guitar riffs into the mix, creating something that sounds delicious. These guys know how to make music sound good, and good enough for you to forget your bodily-fluid-covered-mornings. I cannot wait to hear what else is going to appear on their EP, I’m trying to keep myself for fangirling a little too much. Awesome songs. Stream them both below and for more music reviews, free downloads and interviews check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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