No Retreat by Gorilla Punch Radio | Track Review

WHEN: 07.08.2015

Usually when somebody sends me an email stating that their dick is hard it’s either spam or an unfortunate family mishap but this time around the email contained some pretty good music. Gorilla Punch Radio is a badass name for a band and this is their debut single No Retreat. If you like your music gritty, then hop in this gravel pit and dance with me.

A thunderous guitar riff kicks off this track and contains to rain down the aggression and anger throughout. Gorilla Punch Radio do a great job at maintaining a constant high-tempo pace and the result is something that rocks hard and gets me hard too. No Retreat is full of riffs, HEAVY drum beats and a whole lot of attitude. It’s dead good. If you’re a fan of Queens of the Stone Age (and you should be anyway) and a fan of knocking people’s heads off then this is the track for you.

Gorilla Punch Radio have got themselves off to a great start with No Retreat and hopefully they take the song title to heart and continue moving forwards from here on out. Stream the track below and for more music reviews, free downloads and dick pics in emails check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.
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